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Home > Catalog > |Roman Coins| > |Crisis and Decline| > |Philip II| > RS91831
Philip II, July or August 247 - Late 249 A.D.
The curule chair was for senior magistrates including dictators, masters of the horse, consuls, praetors, censors, and the curule aediles. As a form of a throne, it might be given as an honor to foreign kings recognized formally as a friend (amicus) by the Roman people or senate. Designed for use by commanders in the field, the curule chair could be folded for easy transport. It had no back, low arms, curved legs forming an X, and was traditionally made of or veneered with ivory.
RS91831. Silver antoninianus, RIC IV 230, RSC IV 17, Hunter III 23, SRCV III 9265, VF, well centered, toned, flow lines, light deposits and marks, reverse die wear, bottom of edge ragged with small splits, Rome mint, weight 3.034g, maximum diameter 22.8mm, die axis 0o, 11th emission, 249 A.D.; obverse IMP PHILIPPVS AVG, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, from behind; reverse LIBERALITAS AVGG III, Philip I and Philip II seated left on curule chairs presiding at their third largesse, both laureate, togate, and extending right hand, Philip I on left and holding short scepter in right hand; $60.00

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