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Coins of Mexico
Colonial Mexico, Carlos III, King of Spain, 1759 - 1788 A.D., 1785 Mo FM 8R

|Mexico|, |Colonial| |Mexico,| |Carlos| |III,| |King| |of| |Spain,| |1759| |-| |1788| |A.D.,| |1785| |Mo| |FM| |8R|, |8| |reales|
WO47793. Silver 8 reales, SCWC KM 106, aVF, rainbow toned, weight 26.77 g, maximum diameter 38.9 mm, die axis 0o, Mexico mint, 1785 A.D.; obverse CARLUS III DEI GRATIA , laureate, draped, and armored bust of Ferdinand right, from being, date 1785 below; reverse HISPAN ET IND REX Mo 8R F M , crowned Spanish coat of arms, flanked by pillars of Hercules draped with banner reading "PLVS VLTRA"; SOLD

Mexico, Empire of Maximilian, 10 June 1864 - 19 June 1867

|Mexico|, |Mexico,| |Empire| |of| |Maximilian,| |10| |June| |1864| |-| |19| |June| |1867|, |Peso|
Mintage: 2,148,000; Fineness: 0.9030; Engraver: Sebastin C. Navaln.
WO91010. Silver Peso, Krause KM388.1, gVF, scratch in hair, bumps and marks, die flaws obverse rim, reeded edge, weight 26.988 g, maximum diameter 37.2 mm, die axis 180o, Mexico City mint, 1866; obverse MAXIMILLIANO EMPERADO, Bare head right, with long pointed beard, small ribbon below inscribed NAVALON OCAMPO SPIRITU (assayer's signature); reverse IMPERIO MEXICANO 1 PESO 1866 Mo, crowned arms, eagle with snake in beak standing on a cactus in the middle of a lake inside a shield with laurel and olive ornamentation, crossed swords behind, supported by a griffon on each side, small eagle and tassel ornaments around behind, ribbon below inscribed EQUIDAD EN LA JUSTICIA (fairness in justice) with another eagle at the center; from the Eric J. Engstrom Collection; SOLD

Mexico, First Republic, Cap and Rays 8 Reales, 1832-RM/L

|Mexico|, |Mexico,| |First| |Republic,| |Cap| |and| |Rays| |8| |Reales,| |1832-RM/L|, |8| |reales|
WO47791. Silver 8 reales, SCWC KM 377.4, VF, golden toning, weight 27.251 g, maximum diameter 38.3 mm, die axis 0o, Durango mint, 1832; obverse * 8R . Do 1832 . R . M . 10 Ds. 20 Gs, Pileus (freedom cap) inscribed "LIBERTAD", surrounded by rays; reverse REPVBLICA MEXICANA, eagle standing left on cactus, head turned back, serpent in beak and talon, within oak and olive wreath; SOLD



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