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Coins of Mexico
Mexico City, Mexico, Spanish Colonial America, Philip IV, 31 March 1621 - 17 September 1665

|Mexico|, |Mexico| |City,| |Mexico,| |Spanish| |Colonial| |America,| |Philip| |IV,| |31| |March| |1621| |-| |17| |September| |1665||8| |reales|
This coin was struck at the same time time the first English colonies were established in North America.
WO97095. Silver 8 reales, Calicσ y Trigo 1296 - 1318, KM Spain 38, SCWC KM45, F, legends off flan/unstruck, bumps and marks, irregular flan shape (typical for the type), weight 27.486 g, maximum diameter 41.2 mm, die axis 45o, oM mintmark, Mexico City mint, assayer D, 1621 - 1634; obverse PHILIPVS IIII DEIG (off flan), crowned arms of Spain, O/M/D left; reverse Jerusalem Cross with two castles and two lions in quarters, all inside a quatrefoil design; ex Numismatik Naumann auction 92 (2 Aug 2020), lot 1140; $369.00 (€339.48)

Mexico, First Republic, Cap and Rays, 8 Silver Reales, 1824 Mo, Round Tail

|Mexico|, |Mexico,| |First| |Republic,| |Cap| |and| |Rays,| |8| |Silver| |Reales,| |1824| |Mo,| |Round| |Tail||8| |reales|
This is the first year of the facing eagle type. 90.3% silver.
SL96450. Silver 8 reales, SCWC KM 377.10 (rounded tail variety), NGC AU Details, cleaned (2846347-001); reeded edge, weight 26.60 g, maximum diameter 38.9 mm, die axis 180o, Mexico City (Mo) mint, J.M. (assayer's initials), 1824; obverse * 8R. Mo. 1824. J .M. 10 Ds. 20 Gs., Pileus (freedom cap) inscribed "LIBERTAD," surrounded by rays; reverse REPUBLICA MEXICANA, upright eagle standing left on cactus on rock, water below, eagle's head turned back right, snake in beak and right talon, wings open, rounded tail, oak branch left and olive branch right tied together with ribbon below; from the Eric J. Engstrom Collection; NGC| Lookup; SOLD

Colonial Mexico, Carlos III, King of Spain, 1759 - 1788 A.D., 1785 Mo FM 8R

|Mexico|, |Colonial| |Mexico,| |Carlos| |III,| |King| |of| |Spain,| |1759| |-| |1788| |A.D.,| |1785| |Mo| |FM| |8R||8| |reales|
WO47793. Silver 8 reales, SCWC KM 106, aVF, rainbow toned, weight 26.77 g, maximum diameter 38.9 mm, die axis 0o, Mexico mint, 1785 A.D.; obverse •CARLUS • III • DEI • GRATIA •, laureate, draped, and armored bust of Ferdinand right, from being, date 1785 below; reverse • HISPAN • ET IND • REX • Mo • 8R • F • M •, crowned Spanish coat of arms, flanked by pillars of Hercules draped with banner reading "PLVS VLTRA"; SOLD



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