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Andrew McCabe Roman Republic Collection
Roman Republic, Dictatorship of Julius Caesar, L. Hostilius Saserna, 48 B.C.

|Andrew| |McCabe| |Collection|, |Roman| |Republic,| |Dictatorship| |of| |Julius| |Caesar,| |L.| |Hostilius| |Saserna,| |48| |B.C.||denarius|
A very popular type that may depict the Gallic chieftain Vercingetorix. Vercingetorix had surrendered to Caesar three years earlier and was a prisoner in the Tullianum at Rome when this coin was minted. He was publicly beheaded as part of Caesar's triumph in 46 B.C.
SH71919. Silver denarius, SRCV I 418, Crawford 448/2a, RSC I Hostilia 2, Sydenham 952, BMCRR 3994, F, scratches, weight 3.545 g, maximum diameter 18.4 mm, die axis 90o, Rome mint, 48 B.C.; obverse bearded head of Gallic captive (Vercingetorix?) right, Gallic shield behind; reverse L HOSTILIVS SASERN, Gallic warrior and charioteer in galloping biga right; from the Andrew McCabe Collection, ex Roma Numismatics; scarce; SOLD

Mark Antony and Octavian, Thessalonica, Macedonia, 37 B.C.

|Andrew| |McCabe| |Collection|, |Mark| |Antony| |and| |Octavian,| |Thessalonica,| |Macedonia,| |37| |B.C.||AE| |30|
The reverse inscription abbreviates, ΜAPKOΣ ANTΩNIONΣ AYTOKPATΩP ΓAIOΣ KAIΣAP AYTOKPATΩP. The bust of Libertas on the obverse "refers to the grant of freedom by the Triumvirs to Thessalonica in 42 BC after the battle of Philippi (the victory which is celebrated on the reverse)." -- RPC I, p. 29.
RP71965. Leaded bronze AE 30, BMC Macedonia p. 115, 63; RPC I 1551; Sear CRI 672; SNG Cop 374; SNG ANS 823, gF, weight 24.719 g, maximum diameter 30.1 mm, die axis 0o, Thessalonica (Salonika, Greece) mint, 37 B.C.; obverse ΘΕΣΣANTΛONKΕΩN ΕΛΕYΘΕPIANTΣ, diademed and draped bust of Eleutheria (Liberty) right, E (year 5) below chin; reverse M ANT AYT Γ KAI AYT, Nike advancing left, extending wreath in right hand, palm frond in left; from the Andrew McCabe collection, ex Roma Numismatics e-sale 10, lot 493; SOLD

Roman Republic, M. Baebius Q. f. Tampilus, 137 B.C.

|Andrew| |McCabe| |Collection|, |Roman| |Republic,| |M.| |Baebius| |Q.| |f.| |Tampilus,| |137| |B.C.||denarius|
An unusual coin because Roma's head faces left instead of the usual right, it is the first appearance of Apollo on a denarius, and the positions of ROMA and the moneyer's name are reversed. The moneyer's purpose for departing from tradition is unknown. -- Roman Coins and Their Values by David R. Sear
RR71951. Silver denarius, Crawford 236/1, BMCRR I Rome 935, Sydenham 489, RSC I Baebia 12, SRCV I 113, gVF, attractive rose toning, weight 3.955 g, maximum diameter 19.2 mm, die axis 0o, Rome mint, 137 B.C.; obverse helmeted head of Roma left; X under chin, TAMPIL upward behind; reverse Apollo in quadriga right, laurel branch in right hand, bow with arrow and reins in left, ROMA below, M.BAEBI.Q.F. in exergue; from the Andrew McCabe collection, ex Roma Numismatics e-auction 10, lot 549; scarce; SOLD

Julius Caesar, Imperator and Dictator, October 49 - 15 March 44 B.C.

|Julius| |Caesar|, |Julius| |Caesar,| |Imperator| |and| |Dictator,| |October| |49| |-| |15| |March| |44| |B.C.||denarius|
In Feb 44 B.C. the senate named Julius Caesar dictator for life. Fearing that he wished to become king, on the 15th of Mar, 63 senators assassinated him with their knives. His assassination plunged the Roman Republic into 17 years of civil war, after which it would re-emerge as the Roman Empire.
SH82705. Silver denarius, Alfldi Caesar, type III, 115 (this coin); BMCRR Rome 4147 (also I); Crawford 480/3; RSC I 34; Sydenham 1056; Sear Imperators 100; RBW 1678 (H) , gVF, toned, bankers mark on obverse, areas of flat strike, attractive deep old cabinet toning, with hints of iridescence around the devices, weight 3.607 g, maximum diameter 21.8 mm, die axis 30o, Rome mint, moneyer M. Mettius, Jan - Feb 44 B.C.; obverse CAESARIMP, wreathed head of Caesar right, cymbium (boat shaped cup used as a wine ladle) and lituus (augural wand) behind; reverse M METTIVS, Venus standing left, Victory in her extended right hand, long transverse scepter in left hand, resting left elbow on shield which rests on globe, I (control letter) in lower left field; ex Roma Numismatics e-sale 23 (9 Jan 2016), lot 376; ex Andrew McCabe Collection; ex CNG e-auction 237 (21 July 2010), lot 344; ex Professor L Fontana Collection; rare; SOLD


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