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Ravens and Crows on Ancient Coins

Apollo's lover Coronis was pregnant with his child, Asclepius. A white raven (or crow) which he had left to watch her informed him that she had an affair. Angered that the bird had not pecked out her lover's eyes, Apollo flung a curse scorching its feathers, which is why all ravens (or crows) are black today. Apollo also had Coronis killed but saved his child.

German States, Freiburg (Habsburg), 1368 - 1399 A.D.

|Germany|, |German| |States,| |Freiburg| |(Habsburg),| |1368| |-| |1399| |A.D.||bracteate|
Freiburg was founded in 1120 as a free market town; hence its name. Frei means "free", and Burg was used for an incorporated city or town, usually one with some degree of autonomy. In the 13th century, after the counts of Freiburg raised taxes and sought to limit the citizens' freedom, the Freiburgers used catapults to destroy the count's castle atop the hill overlooking the city center. In 1368, the citizens were fed up with their lords, and purchased the city's independence. The city turned itself over to the Habsburgs, who allowed a large measure of freedom. Most of the nobles of the city died in the battle of Sempach in 1386. The patrician family Schnewlin took control of the city. The guilds revolted and became more powerful than the patricians by 1389.
ME89564. Silver bracteate, Bonhoff 1790, de Wit 2508, Löbbecke -, gVF, toned, weight 0.162 g, maximum diameter 16.2 mm, Freiburg mint, late 14th century; obverse head of raven left, crescent to left; reverse incuse reverse of obverse; ex CNG e-auction 247 (12 Jan 2011), lot 430; SOLD

Domitian, 13 September 81 - 18 September 96 A.D.

|Domitian|, |Domitian,| |13| |September| |81| |-| |18| |September| |96| |A.D.||denarius|
Apollo's most famous attribute is the tripod, the symbol of his prophetic powers. It was in the guise of a dolphin that Apollo brought priests from Crete to Delphi, explaining Apollo's cult title "Delphinios" and the name of the town. He dedicated a bronze tripod to the sanctuary and bestowed divine powers on one of the priestesses, and she became known as the "Pythia." It was she who inhaled the hallucinating vapors from the fissure in the temple floor, while she sat on a tripod chewing laurel leaves. After she mumbled her answer, a male priest would translate it for the supplicant. Depictions of Pythia's seat vary greatly because the seats were given away as prizes and replaced. Apparently the designs changed.
RS35875. Silver denarius, RIC II-1 5; RSC II 552; BMCRE II p. 298, 4; BnF III 4; Hunter III -; SRCV I -, VF, weight 3.220 g, maximum diameter 18.0 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, 13 Sep - 31 Dec 81 A.D.; obverse IMP CAESAR DOMITIANVS AVG, laureate head right; reverse TR P COS VII, tripod lebes, ornamented with fillets, lion paw feet, loop handles above the bowl, surmounted by the Pythia's seat with arms in the form of ravens and a back ornamented with a dolphin on a laurel branch; SOLD


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