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Ravens and Crows on Ancient Coins

Apollo's lover Coronis was pregnant with his child, Asclepius. A white raven (or crow) which he had left to watch her informed him that she had an affair. Angered that the bird had not pecked out her lover's eyes, Apollo flung a curse scorching its feathers, which is why all ravens (or crows) are black today. Apollo also had Coronis killed but saved his child.

Britannicus, Son of Claudius and Messalina, b. 12 February 41 - d. 11 February 55 A.D., Alabanda, Caria

|Other| |Caria|, |Britannicus,| |Son| |of| |Claudius| |and| |Messalina,| |b.| |12| |February| |41| |-| |d.| |11| |February| |55| |A.D.,| |Alabanda,| |Caria||AE| |23|
Of this type, RPC I notes, "Uncertain. This coin was published by Mi 3.307.22, and is known from a Mionnet cast. The coin [the Mionnet specimen] has been tooled ('mdaille retourche') but may perhaps represent a genuine denomination." Our coin allays the RPC I doubts. The denomination is 1/3 of 18.5g RPC I 2818.
SH88430. Orichalcum AE 23, RPC I 2821 (= Mionnet III, p. 307, 22), F, porous, weight 6.496 g, maximum diameter 23.3 mm, die axis 0o, Alabanda (Doganyurt, Aydin, Turkey) mint, 50 - 54 A.D.; obverse KΛAVΔIOC BPETANNIKOC KAIΣAP, bare-headed and draped bust right; reverse AΛABANΔEΩN, Apollo Kissios standing left, nude, bow in right hand with raven on top, sheep standing left at feet on left ; ex Forum (2013), ex J. S. Wagner Collection; of greatest rarity; SOLD

Vitellius, 2 January - 20 December 69 A.D.

|Vitellius|, |Vitellius,| |2| |January| |-| |20| |December| |69| |A.D.||denarius|
"This refers to Vitellius' membership in the priestly college of the quindecimviri Sacris Faciundis, 'fifteen men for the conduct of sacred matters.' This body had care of the Sibylline prophecies and were famous for the opulence of their banquets, a feature of the priesthood which particularly appealed to the gluttonous emperor." - David R. Sear, Roman Coins and Their Values
SH21376. Silver denarius, RIC I 70, RSC II 155, BMCRE I 3, VF, attractive bold portrait, weight 3.349 g, maximum diameter 17.8 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, 69 A.D.; obverse A VITELLIVS GERMANICVS IMP, bare head right; reverse XV VIR SACR FAC (fifteen men for the conduct of sacred matters), Tripob-lebes with dolphin laying right on top and raven below; scarce; SOLD

Roman Republic, Mark Antony, Triumvir and Imperator, 44 - 30 B.C.

|Marc| |Antony|, |Roman| |Republic,| |Mark| |Antony,| |Triumvir| |and| |Imperator,| |44| |-| |30| |B.C.||quinarius|
This type was struck by a military mint traveling with Antony and Lepidus in Transalpine Gaul. On 26 November 43 B.C. Octavian, Antony and Lepidus meet in Bononia (Bologna, Italy), and enter into an official five-year autocratic pact, the Second Triumvirate. To cement their reconciliation Octavian agreed to marry Clodia, a daughter of Antony's wife Fulvia by her former husband Publius Clodius Pulcher. The triumvirs proscribed 130 senators and 2,000 equites, who were branded as outlaws and deprived of their property.
SH64353. Silver quinarius, Banti-Simonetti CNR II 133 (this coin); Crawford 489/4; Sear CRI 121; RSC I 82; Sydenham 1159; Kestner 3716; BMCRR Gaul 36, gVF, toned, a couple of banker?s marks; Military mint traveling with Antony and Lepidus in Transalpine Gaul, weight 1.900 g, maximum diameter 14.0 mm, die axis 180o, Gallia Transalpina mint, late summer-autumn 43 B.C.; obverse Lituus, capis, and raven standing left on ground line; M A(NT) IMP above; reverse Victory standing right, crowning trophy of captured arms standing before her with wreath in her right, palm frond over shoulder in left; ex Triton XVI, lot 930; ex Goldman Roman Imperatorial Collection; ex Knker 124 (16 March 2007), lot 8491; scarce; SOLD

Faustina Sr., Augusta 25 February 138 - Early 141, Wife of Antoninus Pius, Delphi, Phocis

|Faustina| |Sr.|, |Faustina| |Sr.,| |Augusta| |25| |February| |138| |-| |Early| |141,| |Wife| |of| |Antoninus| |Pius,| |Delphi,| |Phocis||AE| |24|
SH54320. Bronze AE 24, Svoronos Delphi 89 - 92, SNG Cop 160, RPC Online 4602, F, weight 7.811 g, maximum diameter 23.7 mm, die axis 180o, Phokis, Delphi mint, obverse ΘΕANT ΦAVCTEINA, draped bust right, hair elaborately waived and banded, drawn up at the back and piled in a round coil at top; reverse ΠYΘIA, agonistic table with laurel wreath, apples, vase, and crow, small items in lower railing; SOLD

Julia Domna, Augusta 194 - 8 April 217 A.D., Stobi, Macedonia

|Stobi|, |Julia| |Domna,| |Augusta| |194| |-| |8| |April| |217| |A.D.,| |Stobi,| |Macedonia||AE| |22|
Josifovski describes the reverse as Zeus standing, holding eagle aloft and thunderbolt behind, but like a Caracalla with the same reverse, also described as Zeus, this coin clearly shows a laurel branch instead of a thunderbolt. It is almost certainly Apollo holding a raven aloft and laurel branch.
RP16682. Bronze AE 22, Josifovski 145 (V2/R2) cites a single example in a private collection in Macedonia, otherwise unpublished, F, weight 5.638 g, maximum diameter 22.5 mm, die axis 180o, Stobi (Gradsko, Macedonia) mint, 194 - 8 Apr 217 A.D.; obverse IVLIA AVGVSTA, draped bust right; reverse MVNICIPI STOBEN, Apollo standing half-left, holding a raven aloft in right, laurel branch downward in left; very rare; SOLD

Nero, 13 October 54 - 9 June 68 A.D., Eumenia, Phrygia

|Eumeneia|, |Nero,| |13| |October| |54| |-| |9| |June| |68| |A.D.,| |Eumenia,| |Phrygia||AE| |21|
Eumenia was renamed Fulvia, for Mark Antony's wife, probably on the occasion of Antony's visit east in 41 B.C. The city issued coins with Fulvia's portrait. She was the first non-mythological woman on Roman coins. Fulvia died in 40 B.C. and the name soon reverted to Eumenia.
RP55043. Bronze AE 21, RPC I 3149, SNG Cop 394, BMC Phrygia p. 217, 41, F, weight 3.672 g, maximum diameter 20.5 mm, die axis 0o, Eumeneia (near Civril, Turkey) mint, c. 54 - 55 A.D.; obverse NΕPΩN ΣΕBANTΣTOΣ, bare head right; obscure countermark; reverse ΕYMΕNΕΩN IOYΛIOΣ KΛΕΩN APXIΕPΕYΣ AΣIAΣ, Apollo standing left, raven in right, labrys over shoulder in left; struck by Julius Cleon, archiereus of Asia; SOLD

Nero, 13 October 54 - 9 June 68 A.D., Eumenia, Phrygia

|Eumeneia|, |Nero,| |13| |October| |54| |-| |9| |June| |68| |A.D.,| |Eumenia,| |Phrygia||AE| |19|
Eumenia, Phrygia was founded by Attalus II Philadelphus (159 - 138 B.C.) at the source of the Cludrus, near the Glaucus, and named after his brother Eumenes. Numerous inscriptions and many coins remain to show that Eumenia was an important and prosperous city under Roman rule. As early as the third century its population was in great part Christian, and it seems to have suffered much during the persecution of Diocletian. The remains of Eumenia are located in Denizli Province, Turkey on the shore of Lake Isikli near Civril.
RP21890. Bronze AE 19, RPC I 3149, VF, weight 5.031 g, maximum diameter 19.0 mm, die axis 0o, Eumeneia (near Civril, Turkey) mint, c. 54 - 55 A.D.; obverse NΕPΩN ΣΕBANTΣTOΣ, bare head right; reverse ΕYMΕNΕΩN IOYΛIOΣ KΛΕΩN APXIΕPΕYΣ AΣIAΣ, Apollo standing left, holding raven and labrys; ex Peus, 10/2000 #777 sold for 200 DM plus commissions; SOLD


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