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Antiquities from Magna Graecia
Apulian Greek, Gnathia Ware Kantharos, c. 3rd Century B.C.

|Magna| |Graecia|, |Apulian| |Greek,| |Gnathia| |Ware| |Kantharos,| |c.| |3rd| |Century| |B.C.|
AC34110. Black pottery Gnathia Ware kantharos, Choice, 15.5 cm (6 1/8") tall, 22 cm (8 1/2") across handles; vertical ribbing, tall neck handles, yellow slip decoration in a pattern as a necklace with multiple bangles, pinched in bottom base; small chip in handle, crack in side; SOLD

Greek, South Italian, Black Kylix, 4th Century B.C.

|Magna| |Graecia|, |Greek,| |South| |Italian,| |Black| |Kylix,| |4th| |Century| |B.C.|
From the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer in antiquities for 40 years.
AM35507. Kylix; cf. Farwell, fig. 64-69 (similar ware); 8 Ĺ inches from handle to handle, Attractive average condition, wheel made with stemmed foot, rim everted above slight shoulder, two long handles at sides, buff-pink clay, full black glaze to surface, restoration to part of body and rim base; SOLD

Greek, Apulia, South Italy, Gnathian Ware, Black Glazed Bottle, c. Late 4th Century B.C.

|Magna| |Graecia|, |Greek,| |Apulia,| |South| |Italy,| |Gnathian| |Ware,| |Black| |Glazed| |Bottle,| |c.| |Late| |4th| |Century| |B.C.|
Gnathia ware is named for ancient Gnathia (now Egnazia) in eastern Apulia, where the first vases of this type were found in the mid-19th century. Gnathian ware was produced c. 370 - 270 B.C. This type of grape and vine decoration was most popular c. 320 B.C.
AL59774. Greek, South Italy, Gnathian Ware, black glazed bottle, c. Late 4th century B.C., 3.25 x 5", intact, light deposits, lovely grape clusters and vines in pale yellow on black glazed body; from a New Jersey collection; SOLD


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