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Pre-Columbian American Art and Artifacts
Pre-Columbian, Costa Rica, Tripod Vessel, c. 500 - 1000 A.D.

|Pre-Columbian| |Antiquities|, |Pre-Columbian,| |Costa| |Rica,| |Tripod| |Vessel,| |c.| |500| |-| |1000| |A.D.|
"Indigenous societies [of Costa Rica] continue to be a great unknown. The northern zone is almost forgotten. The southern zone is largely unknown when in fact the natives in Talamanca resisted the Spaniards, their tactics and attempts at colonization" -- Costa Rica National Museum director Cristian Kandler.
AH59755. Pre-Columbian, Costa Rica, Tripod Vessel, c. 500 - 1000 A.D., 14 inches high, legs with molded openwork rattling faces, polychrome faces around the rim; repaired with soot deposits attesting use and authenticity; perhaps much nicer and brighter polychrome if professionally cleaned of soot; from a New Jersey collection; SOLD

Pre-Columbian, Tumaco-La Tolita, Figure and Two Heads of "Les Maladies," c. 100 - 500 A.D.

|Pre-Columbian| |Antiquities|, |Pre-Columbian,| |Tumaco-La| |Tolita,| |Figure| |and| |Two| |Heads| |of| |"Les| |Maladies,"| |c.| |100| |-| |500| |A.D.|
The Tumaco-La Tolita cultures were centered around the current Ecuador-Columbia border in the same period as Hellenistic Greece and Imperial Rome. Tumaco-La Tolita pottery figures are naturalistic and expressive and often rise to high artistic standards in their sensitive portrayal of the human condition. Our particular figures are today refereed to by the French name, "Les Maladies." A grimace and the left hand to the temple indicate illness and pain. Similar figures sometimes display symptoms of one of a long list of tropical diseases, including leprosy, elephantiasis, onchocercose (river blindness), and syphilis. Some of the statuettes, in addition to being afflicted with disease, have attributes of power: a headdress, necklaces, pendants and scepters.
AH21468. Sabolo p. 148; 12.5cm (4 7/8") high in stand, Choice, heads are fragments from figures, c. 100 - 500 A.D.; figure and two heads of "les Maladies" (the diseased) each with left hand to temple, a nice set with matching similar style, all on a custom stand; ex Edgar Owen (acquired from a New York ancient art dealer in the late 20th century, reported to be from a large old East Coast Pre-Columbian collection); SOLD

Tumaco-La Tolita, Pottery Mold, c. 300 B.C.

|Pre-Columbian| |Antiquities|, |Tumaco-La| |Tolita,| |Pottery| |Mold,| |c.| |300| |B.C.|
Note: This piece is lighted from below to simulate the effect of a positive cast from the mold.
AE61809. Tumaco-La Tolita, Pottery Mold; 3.8 x 4.7 inches; mold used for producing a full length female figure, great detail, Intact and excellent condition, SOLD


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