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An oracle told King Aleus of Tegea that he would be overthrown by his grandson, so he forced his daughter Auge to become a virgin priestess. After she was violated by Heracles, their son, the infant Telephus, was hidden in the temple but his cries revealed him. Aleus ordered Telephus exposed on Mt. Parthenion. He was saved by a doe Heracles sent to suckle him. Grown up, Telephus consulted the Delphic oracle to learn who his mother was. He was told to go to King Teuthras in Mysia. There he was kindly received, found his mother, and married Argiope, the daughter of Teuthras, whom he succeeded as king of Mysia. The Greeks invaded Mysia on the way to the Trojan War. Telephus repelled them until Dionysus assisted the Greeks and caused him to stumble on a vine, after which he was wounded by Achilles. The wound would not heal and when he consulted the oracle he was told "only he could cure him who had wounded him." The Greeks meanwhile had received an oracle that without the aid of Telephus they could not reach Troy. Achilles cured Telephus with rust from the spear with which the wound had been inflicted. Telephus, in return, pointed out the road to Troy.


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