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Alexander's successors in India became increasingly isolated and eventually became an island of Hellenic people, completely cut off from their western kinsman. Surrounded on all sides, they succumbed to the superior numbers of local people and disappeared from history.

Later Indo-Scythians, (From the Numismatic Chronicle 1893-94) 1979, Alexander Cunningham

|Greek| |Books|, |Later| |Indo-Scythians,| |(From| |the| |Numismatic| |Chronicle| |1893-94)| |1979,| |Alexander| |Cunningham|
BL20299. Later Indo-Scythians, (From the Numismatic Chronicle 1893-94), 1979 by Alexander Cunningham, edited by A. K. Narain, published in India, 1979, hardcover, 293 pages, 10 plates, cover wear, international shipping at the actual cost of postage; $40.00 (40.40)

Indo-Scythian Kingdom, Azes II, c. 35 B.C. - c. 5 A.D.

|Indo-Scythian| |Kingdom|, |Indo-Scythian| |Kingdom,| |Azes| |II,| |c.| |35| |B.C.| |-| |c.| |5| |A.D.||tetradrachm|
WA26697. Silver tetradrachm, Senior 98.354T (same obverse die), Mitchiner IGIS vol. 6, 848d; Frhlich, series 12, 273 var. (different obverse letter), HGC 12 637, gVF, weight 9.725 g, maximum diameter 23.7 mm, die axis 180o, North Eastern Province mint, 20 - 1 B.C.; obverse BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN MAΓAΛOY AZOY, king on horseback riding right, holding whip, Kharosthi control letter I right; reverse Kharosthi legend: Maharajasa rajadirajasa mahatasa Ayasa (of Great King, King of Kings Azes the Great), Pallas standing right, spear over shoulder and shield on her left side, right extended, Kharosthi control marks left and right; SOLD

Indo-Scythian Kingdom, Azes II, c. 35 B.C. - 5 A.D.

|Indo-Scythian| |Kingdom|, |Indo-Scythian| |Kingdom,| |Azes| |II,| |c.| |35| |B.C.| |-| |5| |A.D.||drachm|
Azes II may have been the last Indo-Scythian king in the northern Indian subcontinent (Pakistan). Indo-Scythian rule crumbled under the conquests of the Kushans who expanded into India to create the Kushan Empire. Senior and Hoover now believe Azes II did not exist and attribute all Azes coins to Azes I or as posthumous imitative issues. A type attributed to Azes I has been found overstruck on a coin traditionally attributed to Azes II, supporting their hypothesis.
WA72209. Silver drachm, Frhlich 276; Mitchiner IGIS, volume 6, 848k; Senior 98.374, HGC 12 637, VF, weight 9.514 g, maximum diameter 24.1 mm, die axis 315o, Taxila Sirsukh mint, c. 35 B.C. - 5 A.D.; obverse BAΣIΛEΩΣ BAΣIΛEΩN MEΓAΛOY AZOY, king riding right on horseback, raising right hand, whip over shoulder in left hand, Karosthi letter Sam before horse; reverse Kharosthi legend: Maharajasa rajatirajasa mahatasa Ayasa (of great king, king of kings, Azes the Great), Pallas Athena standing right, raising right hand, shield on left arm, transverse spear in left hand, Karosthi monogram left, Karosthi monogram right; SOLD



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