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Ancient Coins of Britain

Before the Roman invasion, Britain was populated by Celtic tribes with well-established cultural and economic links with continental Europe. Although Julius Caesar conducted the first Roman campaign in Britain in 55 B.C., the conquest did not begin until A.D. 43, during the reign of Claudius. The British tribes initially opposed the Roman legions, but by 84 the Romans had decisively conquered southern Britain and had pushed into what is now southern Scotland. In 122 they fortified the northern border with Hadrian's Wall, which spanned what is now Northern England. In 142 Roman forces pushed north again and began construction of the Antonine Wall, but they retreated back to Hadrian's Wall after only twenty years. Following the conquest, native Britons were subject to the Roman governors but mostly kept their land, and a distinctive Romano-British culture emerged. The Roman Empire retained control until its departure about A.D. 430.Romanization of Britain

Maximian, 286 - 305, 306 - 308, and 310 A.D.

|Maximian|, |Maximian,| |286| |-| |305,| |306| |-| |308,| |and| |310| |A.D.||follis| |(large)|
Hubert Cloke, co-author of The London Mint of Constantius & Constantine informed us, "The plate coin in my collection (ex Freeman and Sear) is die linked to your coin. In writing our book Lee Toone and I noted another example in the Domqueur hoard. I know of another example in an as yet unpublished French hoard." This coin is then the fourth specimen known to him.
RT96907. Billon follis (large), Cloke-Toone 4.03.012 (same dies), Domqueur Hoard 1278 (pl. XVIII), RIC VI Londinium 50 (R), Cohen VI 169, Hunter V -, SRCV IV -, Mantis ANSCD -, Choice gVF, well centered, nice portrait, bare-copper porous surfaces, weight 9.757 g, maximum diameter 28.9 mm, die axis 180o, Londinium (London, England) mint, 1 May 305 - spring 307 A.D.; obverse IMP MAXIMIANVS P F IN AVG (Imperator Maximianus Pius Felix Invictus Augustus), laureate and cuirassed bust right, seen from front; reverse GENIO POPVLI ROMANI (to the guardian spirit of the Roman People), Genius of the Roman people standing left, naked except for chlamys over shoulder, kalathos on head, patera in right hand, cornucopia in left hand; extremely rare; SOLD



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