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Siscia, Pannonia (Sisak, Croatia)

Siscia, a chief town and colony of Pannonia, was located at confluence of the Colapis and Savus, and is now called Sisak, Croatia. The mint master was called procurator monetae Siscianae. Dates of operation: 260 - c. 390. Mintmarks: S, SIS, SISC, SISCPS.

Julian II "the Apostate," February 360 - 26 June 363 A.D.

|Julian| |II|, |Julian| |II| |"the| |Apostate,"| |February| |360| |-| |26| |June| |363| |A.D.||double| |maiorina|
On March 5, 363 Julian departed Antioch with an army of 90,000, marching against the Sassanid Empire. On 29 May Julian arrived under the walls of the Sassanid capital and defeated the army of Shapur II at the Battle of Ctesiphon, but he was unable to put the city under siege. On June 16, Julian began a retreat from the Sassanid Empire. The Sassanids attacked the retreating Romans and on 26 June Julian was killed in battle. The general Jovian was proclaimed Emperor by the troops on the battlefield.
SH58901. Billon double maiorina, RIC VIII Siscia 412 (R), LRBC II 1259, SRCV V 19150, Cohen VIII 38, Choice gVF, nice glossy black patina, excellent centering, weight 8.974 g, maximum diameter 29.5 mm, die axis 0o, 2nd officina, Siscia (Sisak, Croatia) mint, summer 361 - 26 Jun 363 A.D.; obverse D N FL CL IVLIANVS P F AVG, diademed draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse SECVRITAS REIPVB (security of the Republic), bull standing right, two stars above, BSIS• flanked by palm fronds in exergue; ex Ancient Numismatic Enterprise; rare; SOLD

Constantius I, May 305 - 25 July 306 A.D.

|Constantius| |I|, |Constantius| |I,| |May| |305| |-| |25| |July| |306| |A.D.||argenteus|
In 294, Constantius campaigned against Allectus the usurper-emperor in Britain and northern Gaul; Maximian held the Rhine; Galerius campaigned on the Danube; and Diocletian accompanied by the young Constantine I besieged the pretender Achilleus in Alexandria.
SH62385. Silver argenteus, Sisak Hoard 9a, RIC VI Siscia 44a, RSC V 315c, VF, grainy, weight 2.557 g, maximum diameter 18.8 mm, die axis 180o, Siscia (Sisak, Croatia) mint, as caesar, 294 - 295 A.D.; obverse CONSTANTI-VS CAESAR, laureate head right; reverse VIRTVS MILITVM (courage of the soldiers), the four tetrarchs sacrificing over alter before front of the open gate of an eight-turreted enclosure (city or castrum walls); scarce (RIC R2); SOLD


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