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Lugdunum, Gaul (Lyons, France)

Strabo wrote, "The Romans possess Lugdunum, founded below a ridge at the confluence of the Arar and the Rhone. It is the most populous of all the other cities except Narbo; for it is a center of commerce, and the Roman emperors strike their silver and gold coinage there." (4.3.2). Dates of operation: 15 B.C. - c. 90 A.D., 195 - 196, and c. 254 - 423. Mintmarks: LG, LVG

Nero, 13 October 54 - 9 June 68 A.D.

|Nero|, |Nero,| |13| |October| |54| |-| |9| |June| |68| |A.D.||sestertius|
A decursio was a military exercise, by which Roman soldiers were taught to make long marches in a given time, under arms and without quitting their ranks. They sometimes consisted of a mock fight between two divisions. Augustus and subsequently Hadrian ordered that the infantry and cavalry were to march out three times a month ten miles from the camp and ten miles back, fully armed and equipped. Decursio on this coin probably refers Nero's participation in mock military maneuvers in the circus.
SH96390. Orichalcum sestertius, RIC I 508, Mac Dowall WCN 448, BMCRE I 316, BnF II 135, Cohen I 88, SRCV I -, Choice aEF/VF, superb portrait, well centered and struck, scratches, marks, porosity more on the reverse, weight 23.971 g, maximum diameter 35.4 mm, die axis 180o, Lugdunum (Lyon, France) mint, 66 A.D.; obverse IMP NERO CAESAR AVG PONT MAX TR POT P P, laureate head left, small globe at point; reverse DECVRSIO (in exergue), Nero and a companion on horseback prancing right, Nero holds spear in right hand, companion holds vexillum in right over shoulder, S - C (senatus consulto) flanking across field; $1860.00 SALE PRICE $1674.00

Constantine the Great, Early 307 - 22 May 337 A.D.

|Constantine| |the| |Great|, |Constantine| |the| |Great,| |Early| |307| |-| |22| |May| |337| |A.D.||follis|
"The letters C I H S in the reverse field probably relate to Constantine's weight reduction of the follis, thought their precise meaning remains unclear. The formula appears to contain as its elements the numeral 101 (CI) and the sign of the sestertius (HS)." -- Roman Coins and Their Values IV by David Sear.
RL98403. Billon follis, RIC VI Lugdunum 287 (S), Bastien 509, SRCV IV 15922, Cohen VII 215, Hunter V 75 ff., Choice aEF, well centered and struck, sharp detail, attractive style, slightest porosity, small edge crack, weight 6.10 g, maximum diameter 26.3 mm, die axis 180o, 1st officina, Lugdunum (Lyon, France) mint, autumn 308 - early 309 A.D.; obverse IMP C CONSTANTINVS P F AVG, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, from behind; reverse GENIO POP ROM (to the guardian spirit of the Roman people), Genius standing left, chest bare, himation around hips and legs and over left shoulder and arm, sacrificing from patera in right hand over flaming altar, cornucopia in left hand, CI-H/S across fields, PLG in exergue; scarce; $120.00 SALE PRICE $108.00 ON RESERVE

Galerius, 1 March 305 - 5 May 311 A.D.

|Galerius|, |Galerius,| |1| |March| |305| |-| |5| |May| |311| |A.D.||antoninianus|
In 295, Galerius, caesar in the Balkans, was dispatched to Egypt to fight against the rebellious cities Busiris and Coptos.
RL98417. Billon antoninianus, Bastien 642 (17 spec.), SRCV IV 14300, RIC V-II Lugdunum 684 var. (no cuirass), Cohen VII 155 var. (same), Hunter V - (p. cxcv), gVF, well centered, much silvering, green encrustations, areas of light corrosion, weight 4.84 g, maximum diameter 23.2 mm, die axis 180o, Lugdunum (Lyon, France) mint, as caesar, 294 A.D.; obverse MAXIMIANVS NOB C, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse ORIENS AVGG, Sol standing slightly left, radiate head left, nude but for chlamys over shoulders and left arm, raising right hand commanding sunrise, whip in left hand, B in exergue; scarce; $90.00 SALE PRICE $81.00

Tiberius, 19 August 14 - 16 March 37 A.D.

|Tiberius|, |Tiberius,| |19| |August| |14| |-| |16| |March| |37| |A.D.||as|
The Altar of Lugdunum and the Sanctuary of the Three Gauls were dedicated by Augustus on 1 August 10 B.C., the very same day Drusus' son, the future emperor Claudius, was born in Lugdunum. All the notable men of Gaul were invited. Caius Julius Vercondaridubnus, a member of the Aedui tribe, was the first priest of the new imperial cult. The altar, which was engraved with the names of 60 Gallic tribes, was featured prominently on coins from the Lugdunum mint for many years.
RP98609. Copper as, RIC I 245, Cohen I 37, BMCRE I 585, BnF II 1769, Hunter I 241, SRCV I -, aF, green patina, off center on an under-size flan, scratches and bumps, weight 7.198 g, maximum diameter 23.5 mm, die axis 0o, Lugdunum (Lyon, France) mint, as caesar, 12 A.D.; obverse TI CAESAR AVGVST F IMPERAT VII, laureate head right; reverse ROM ET AVG, Altar of Lugdunum, decorated with corona civica between laurels and nude male figures, flanked by Victories on columns facing center raising wreaths; $70.00 SALE PRICE $63.00



Bastien, P., J-B. Giard, et al. Le monnayage de l'atelier de Lyon. (Wetteren, 1972 - 2003).
Compas, D., N. Parisot, M. Prieur & L Schmitt. Lyon Monnaies Romaines Collection Daniel Compas. (2006).

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