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Constantinopolis (Istanbul, Turkey)

Little needs to be said about Constantine the Great's New Rome, built on top of the old Greek city Byzantion. Coinage started in 326 and continued until the fall of the Roman Empire in 1453. Mintmarks: C, CON, CONS.

Constantine the Great, Early 307 - 22 May 337 A.D.

|Constantine| |the| |Great|, |Constantine| |the| |Great,| |Early| |307| |-| |22| |May| |337| |A.D.||centenionalis|NEW
The "looking upwards" portraits of Constantine are often described as "gazing to Heaven (or God)."

Constantiniana Dafne was likely a castle or camp (castrum) Dafne, constructed by Constantine on the bank of the Danube.
RL96873. Billon centenionalis, RIC VII Constantinople 32 (R3), LRBC I 989, SRCV IV 16191, Cohen VII 92, Hunter V -, VF, well centered, a little rough, weight 3.132 g, maximum diameter 19.0 mm, die axis 0o, 5th officina, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, 328 A.D.; obverse CONSTANTINVS MAX AVG, laurel and pearl diademed, head right, gazing to heaven, eyes to God; reverse CONSTANTINIANA DAFNE, Victory seated left on cippus, head right, palm frond in each hand, trophy of captured arms and captive on one knee before, tiny oval shield on the ground, E left, CONS in exergue; rare; $120.00 (98.40)

Pulcheria, Augusta 4 July 414 - July 453 A.D.

|Pulcheria|, |Pulcheria,| |Augusta| |4| |July| |414| |-| |July| |453| |A.D.||centenionalis|
SH56013. Bronze centenionalis, RIC X Theodosius II 425, SRCV V 21259, LRBC II 2228 var. (star left), aVF, weight 1.403 g, maximum diameter 14.6 mm, die axis 0o, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, 4 Jul 414 - 423 A.D.; obverse AEL PVLCH-ERIA AVG, pearl-diademed and draped bust right; reverse CONCORDIA AVG (harmony of the Emperor), empress enthroned facing, arms crossed over breast, star in right field, CONS in exergue; rare (RIC R4); SOLD

Theodosius II, 10 January 402 - 28 July 450 A.D.

|Theodosius| |II|, |Theodosius| |II,| |10| |January| |402| |-| |28| |July| |450| |A.D.||solidus|
SH52918. Gold solidus, RIC X Theodosius II 202, VF, weight 4.373 g, maximum diameter 21.1 mm, die axis 180o, 7th officina, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, 408 - 419 A.D.; obverse D N THEODOSIVS P F AVG, helmeted and cuirassed facing bust, spear in right over shoulder, shield on left arm decorated with horseman; reverse CONCORDIA AVGG Z (harmony between the two emperors, 7th officina), Constantinopolis enthroned facing, head right, foot on prow, holding scepter and Victory on globe, star left, CONOB in exergue; scarce; SOLD


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