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Alexandria, Egypt

Alexandria struck coins for provincal Egypt before becoming a regular imperial mint. Alexandria was reopened by the Byzantines 525 - 646 A.D. Dates of Operation: 294 - 421 and 457 - 474 A.D. Mintmarks: AL, ALE, ALEX, SMAL.

Severus II, 25 July 306 - Summer 307 A.D.

|Severus| |II|, |Severus| |II,| |25| |July| |306| |-| |Summer| |307| |A.D.||follis|
Severus II was raised to the rank of Caesar in the Tetrarchy, 1 May 305 A.D. Two years later he marched against Maxentius in Rome, but after many of his troops deserted, he was captured, imprisoned and later executed.
SH66876. Billon follis, RIC VI Alexandria 56, SRCV IV 14637, Cohen VII 57, VF, slightly rough, weight 8.159 g, maximum diameter 29.8 mm, die axis 315o, 1st officina, Alexandria mint, as caesar, 1 May 305 - 25 Jul 306 A.D.; obverse FL VAL SEVERVS NOB CAESAR, laureate head right; reverse PERPETVITAS AVGG, Roman seated left, helmeted, shield against throne, Victory on globe offering wreath in right hand, long scepter vertical behind in left, A upper right, S - P flanking across field, ALE in exergue; scarce; SOLD

Julia Domna, Augusta 194 - 8 April 217 A.D.

|Julia| |Domna|, |Julia| |Domna,| |Augusta| |194| |-| |8| |April| |217| |A.D.||denarius|
Bickford-Smith notes this type with the obverse legend IVLIA DOMNA AVG was struck only briefly before the same type with the IVLIA AVGVSTA obverse legend. Bickford-Smith does not does not actually identify a specimen or include an example in the plates. We found only one other example, listed on Coin Project.
SH90485. Silver denarius, Bickford-Smith p. 56, RIC IV -, BMCRE V -, RSC III -, Reka Devnia -, BPM Collection -, CA -, ANS -, WW -, VF, tight oval flan, weight 3.011 g, maximum diameter 19.9 mm, die axis 180o, Alexandria mint, c. Jan 195 A.D.; obverse IVLIA DOMNA AVG, draped bust right; reverse VENVS FELIX (Venus who brings good fortune), Venus standing half-left, apple in right hand, drawing drapery from shoulder with left; extremely rare; SOLD

Septimius Severus, 9 April 193 - 4 February 211 A.D., LEG III IT AVG

|Septimius| |Severus|, |Septimius| |Severus,| |9| |April| |193| |-| |4| |February| |211| |A.D.,| |LEG| |III| |IT| |AVG||denarius|
The LEG III IT AVG honored by this coin might be the Legio III Augusta, founded by Octavian, probably with the Consul Gaius Vibius Pansa in 43 B.C. Its symbol was Pegasos. In 193 A.D., Septimius Severus awarded Legio III Augusta the title Pia Vindex (Faithful avenger) for supporting his claim to the purple.
SH90696. Silver denarius, cf. Bickford-Smith 3, RSC III 262 corr. (illustrated but misdescribed), RIC IV -, BMCRE V -, Hunter III -, Triton X lot 665, CNG 61 lot 1908, gF, compact flan cutting off parts of legends, weight 3.356 g, maximum diameter 17.7 mm, die axis 0o, Alexandria mint, 193 A.D.; obverse IMP CAE L SEP SEV PERT AVG, laureate head right; reverse LEG - III - IT - AV-G, TR P COS ending in exergue, aquila (legionary eagle) between two signa (legionary standards); extremely rare; SOLD


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