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Arelatum or Constantia (Arles, France)

In 328 Arelatum was renamed Constantia in honor of Constantine II. After Constantine II was killed in 340, the name reverted to Arelate, only to be changed again in 354 to Constantia by Constantius II. It retained that name, although the mintmark 'AR' appeared on some of its coins even in the fifth century. Dates of operation: 313 - 475 A.D. Mintmarks: A, AR, ARL, CON, CONST, KON, KONSTAN.

Constantius II, 22 May 337 - 3 November 361 A.D.

|Constantius| |II|, |Constantius| |II,| |22| |May| |337| |-| |3| |November| |361| |A.D.||solidus|
SH15382. Gold solidus, RIC VIII Arles 238, attractive aVF, weight 4.000 g, maximum diameter 20.1 mm, die axis 0o, Constantia-Arelatum (Arles, France) mint, 355 - 360 A.D.; obverse FL IVL CONSTANTIVS PERP AVG, helmeted, diademed and cuirassed facing bust, spear in right over shoulder, shield on left arm; reverse GLORIA REI-PVBLICAE, Roma and Constantinopolis enthroned, holding wreath with VOT XXX MVLT XXXX in four lines, */KONSTAN (Constantia) in exergue (TAN in monogram); graffiti in obverse fields, graffiti on the right may be a standard with the ensign marked X or XX; rare (R3); SOLD

Constantine the Great, 319-320 A.D.

|Constantine| |the| |Great|, |Constantine| |the| |Great,| |319-320| |A.D.||centenionalis|
The reverse legend abbreviates, Victoriae Laetae Principium Perpertua, which translates, "Joyous victory to the eternal Prince." VOT P R on the shield abbreviates, Vota Populi Romani, which translates, "Vows (prayers) of the Roman people."
RL86822. Billon centenionalis, unpublished; RIC VII does not list any Constantine I issues for the short LAET reverse legend, Choice F, well centered, attractive desert patina, weight 2.601 g, maximum diameter 19.6 mm, die axis 180o, 1st officina, Arelatum (Arles, France) mint, 319 - 320 A.D.; obverse CONSTAN-TINVS AVG, laureate head right; reverse VICTORIAE LAET PRINC PERP (Joyous victory to the eternal Prince), two Victories standing facing each other, together holding shield with inscribed VOT / P R in two lines, shield resting on altar (ornamented with rhombus pellet in center?), PARL in exergue; from the Beast Coins VLPP Collection, ex Keith Metzer Collection (2006), the only specimen known to Forum; extremely rare; SOLD



Depeyrot, G. Les missions montaires d'Arles (4th -5th Sicles). Moneta 6. (Wetteren, 1996).

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