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Arelatum or Constantina (Arles, France)

In 328 Arelatum was renamed Constantina in honor of Constantine II. After Constantine II was killed in 340, the name reverted to Arelate, only to be changed again in 354 to Constantina by Constantius II. It retained that name, although the mintmark 'AR' appeared on some of its coins even in the fifth century. Dates of operation: 313 - 475 A.D. Mintmarks: A, AR, ARL, CON, CONST, KON, KONSTAN.

Flavius Victor, c. 387 - 28 July 388 A.D.

|Flavius| |Victor|, |Flavius| |Victor,| |c.| |387| |-| |28| |July| |388| |A.D.||half| |centenionalis|
"ARELATE (Arles, France - 43°41'N, 4°38'E), founded in or before the sixth century BC by colonists of Greek descent from Massalia (Marseille, France), was on the Rhone about 15 miles from the sea. After 104 BC when canals to the sea were cut around the silt-laden Rhone delta, it grew rapidly, with its fastest growth under Augustus as upstream Lugdunum grew. It became the capital of Narbonensis Secunda in the late third century, and an imperial mint opened in 313 operated until the city finally fell to the Visigoths in 476. In 328 its name was changed to 'Constantina', though 'Arelate' remained in use." - Moneta Historical Research by Tom Schroer
SH00343. Copper half centenionalis, RIC IX Arelate 29(b)1 (S), LRBC II 561, SRCV V 20674, Cohen VIII 3, gVF, weight 1.00 g, maximum diameter 13.4 mm, die axis 180o, 1st officina, Constantina-Arelatum (Arles, France) mint, c. 387 - 28 Jul 388 A.D.; obverse D N LF (letters reversed, normally FL) VICTOR P F AVG, pearl diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse SPES ROMANORVM, camp gate with star between two turrets, PCON (Constantina) in exergue; rare; SOLD

Magnentius, 18 January 350 - 10 August 353 A.D.

|Magnentius|, |Magnentius,| |18| |January| |350| |-| |10| |August| |353| |A.D.||heavy| |maiorina|
Constans' cruelty, misrule and homosexuality made himself extremely unpopular. On 18 January 350, the army in Gaul proclaimed Magnentius emperor and Constans was forced to flee to Spain where he was assassinated. Magnentius ruled the Western Roman Empire and was far more tolerant towards Pagans.
RL66892. Billon heavy maiorina, RIC VIII Arles 139 (S), Bastien MM 234, LRBC II 420, SRCV V 18794, Cohen VIII 7, Choice EF, green patina, flat strike areas on reverse, weight 4.039 g, maximum diameter 23.7 mm, die axis 180o, 2nd officina, Arelatum (Arles, France) mint, c. 18 Jan - end 350 A.D.; obverse D N MAGNENTIVS P F AVG, laurel and rosette-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse FELICITAS REIPVBLICE (the good fortune of the Republic), Magnentius standing left half left, bare head left, wearing military garb, long paludamentum hanging behind from shoulders, Victory on globe offering wreath in his right hand, vexillum with annulet design on ensign in left hand, F left, SAR in exergue; scarce; SOLD



Depeyrot, G. Les émissions monétaires d'Arles (4th -5th Siècles). Moneta 6. (Wetteren, 1996).

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