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BCD Collection

BCD is the initials of a collector who wishes to remain anonymous. One of the largest private collections ever formed, including great rarities and coins of superb quality, portions of the BCD collection have been sold in multiple auctions held by several different numismatic firms. As a result of BCD's superb scholarly research, the auction catalogs for his collection have become primary references.

Hadrian, 11 August 117 - 10 July 138 A.D., Delphi, Phokis

|Phokis|, |Hadrian,| |11| |August| |117| |-| |10| |July| |138| |A.D.,| |Delphi,| |Phokis||AE| |21|
Delphi is a town on Mount Parnassus in the south of mainland Greece. It's the site of the 4th-century-B.C. Temple of Apollo, once home to a legendary oracle. This extensive mountainside archaeological complex contains the remains of the sanctuaries of Apollo and Athena Pronaia, as well as an ancient stadium and theater. Delphi Archaeological Museum displays artifacts found among the ruins.
RP111645. Bronze AE 21, RPC III 429.6 (this coin, 7 spec.); BCD Lokris 394 (this coin); Svoronos p. 36, 55, pl. XXVII, 13; BMC Central p. 28, 25 pl. IV, 16; SNG Cop 156, VF, nice green patina, light roughness, weight 5.289 g, maximum diameter 20.8 mm, die axis 0o, Delphi (Greece) mint, obverse AY KAI TPAIANOC AΔPIANOC AYΓ (Imperator Caesar Traianus Hadrianus Augustus), laureate bust of Hadrian right, bare chest (heroic bust), aegis on left shoulder; reverse ΔΕΛΦΩN, Apollo Citharoedus standing right, wearing long chiton and long chlamys, playing Kithara (lyre); ex Numismatica Ars Classica auction 55 (8 Oct 2010), lot 394 (price realized 1,500 CHF, plus fees); ex BCD Collection ; rare; $1800.00 SALE PRICE $1620.00


BCD Auction Catalogs

BCD Corinth. Numismatik Lanz. Mnzen von Korinth: Sammlung BCD. Auction 105, Mnchen, 26 November 2001.
BCD Euboia. Numismatik Lanz. Mnzen von Euboia: Sammlung BCD. Auction 111, Munich, 25 November 2002.
BCD Olympia. Leu Numismatics. Coins of Olympia: The BCD Collection. Auction 90, Zrich, 10 May 2004.
BCD Boiotia. Classical Numismatic Group. The BCD Collection of the Coinage of Boiotia. Triton IX Auction, Session 1, New York, 10 January 2006.
BCD Peloponnesos. LHS Numismatics. Coins of Peloponnesos. The BCD Collection. Catalog of public auction 96, Zrich, 8-9 May 2006.
BCD Peloponnesos II. Classical Numismatic Group. The BCD Collection of Coins of the Peloponnesos, Part II. Mail Bid Sale 81/2, 20 May 2009.
BCD Akarnania. Mnzen & Medaillen (Deutschland). Sammlung BCD : Akarnanien und Aetolien. Auction 23, Stuttgart, 18 October 2007.
BCD Lokris. Numismatica Ars Classica NAC AG. The BCD Collection, Lokris - Phokis. Auction 55, Zrich, 8 October 2010.
BCD Thessaly. Nomos AG, Auction IV. Coins of Thessaly, The BCD Collection. Zrich, 10 May 2011.
BCD Thessaly II. Classical Numismatic Group. The BCD Collection of the Coinage of Thessaly. Triton XV Auction, New York, 3 January 2012.

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