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Coins of Spain
Spain, Alfonso XIII, 1886 - 1931, 20 Pesetas, 1896 (1962) Official Restrike

|Spain|, |Spain,| |Alfonso| |XIII,| |1886| |-| |1931,| |20| |Pesetas,| |1896| |(1962)| |Official| |Restrike||20| |Pesetas|
Restruck by the Spanish Mint in 1962 using original 1896 dies.
SH86345. Gold 20 Pesetas, SCWC KM 709, Friedberg 348R, UNC, weight 6.449 g, maximum diameter 21.2 mm, die axis 180o, Madrid mint, 1896 (1962) official restrike; obverse ALFONSO XIII POR LA G. DE DIOS (by the grace of God), bare-headed young boy's head right, *1896*, the tiny six-pointed star on left of date marked with incuse 19, and on right 62, tiny BM under bust; reverse REY CONSTL. DE ESPAÑA (Constitutional King of Spain), coat of arms of Spain, 20 PESETAS below, date flanked by tiny MP on left an M on right; SOLD

Netherlands, Philip II of Spain, Lord of the 17 Provinces, Resistance Against the Dutch Rebels, 1575

|Spain|, |Netherlands,| |Philip| |II| |of| |Spain,| |Lord| |of| |the| |17| |Provinces,| |Resistance| |Against| |the| |Dutch| |Rebels,| |1575||jeton|
Philip II was King of Spain, Portugal, and Naples and Sicily, as well as Duke of Milan, and lord of the Seventeen Provinces of the Netherlands. During his marriage to Queen Mary I (1554-58), he was also King of England and Ireland from 1555. His empire included territories on every continent then known to Europeans, including his namesake the Philippine Islands. The expression "The Empire on which the sun never sets" was coined to reflect the extent of his possessions. Philip's finances were troubled by state bankruptcies in 1557, 1560, 1569, 1575, and 1596. His rule in the Netherlands faced many difficulties, including open warfare beginning in 1568. In 1572 an exiled member of the Dutch aristocracy, William the Silent (Prince of Orange), invaded the Netherlands with a Protestant army. The Dutch Republic was created by a declaration of independence in 1581. The war, however, known as the Eighty Years' War, only came to an end in 1648, when Spain finally recognized the Dutch Republic as independent.
WO73149. Bronze jeton, Dugniolle II 2656, Van Loon I 212, EF, weight 4.985 g, maximum diameter 28.3 mm, die axis 225o, 1575; obverse IN ADVERSIS CONSTANS (steady in adversity), helmeted and armed Dutch heroine, standing on a rock in a stormy sea, clinging to a pillar, behind the pillar a resting lion; reverse GECTO / IRS POVR / LE BVREAV / DES FINAN / DV ROY (jeton to the finance office of the king) / 1575; SOLD

Spain, Philip III, 1578 - 1621

|Spain|, |Spain,| |Philip| |III,| |1578| |-| |1621||4| |reales|
Uncertain Spanish mint, but probably Seville.
WO95772. Silver 4 reales, VF, toned, mint, assayer, and date off the flan, reverse die shift, weight 12.579 g, maximum diameter 29.6 mm, die axis 90o, uncertain Spanish mint, obverse PHILLIPPVS III (or similar), crowned arms of Spain, •IIII• (mark of value) on right; reverse INDIARVM ET REX (or similar), Jerusalem cross with two castles and two lions in quarters, all inside a quatrefoil design; scarce denomination; SOLD



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