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Asklepios (Asclepius)

Asclepius (Asklepios) is the god of medicine and healing in ancient Greek mythology. Asclepius represents the healing aspect of the medical arts, while his daughters Hygieia, Meditrina, Iaso, Aceso, AglŠa, and Panacea (literally, "all-healing") symbolize the forces of cleanliness, medicine, and healing, respectively.

Kos, Carian Islands, c. 88 - 50 B.C.

|Kos|, |Kos,| |Carian| |Islands,| |c.| |88| |-| |50| |B.C.||AE| |15|
In the Hellenistic age, Kos attained the zenith of its prosperity. Its alliance was valued by the kings of Egypt, who used it as a naval outpost to oversee the Aegean. As a seat of learning, it arose as a provincial branch of the museum of Alexandria, and became a favorite resort for the education of the princes of the Ptolemaic dynasty; there was also a medical school. Among its most famous sons were the physician Hippocrates, the painter Apelles, the poets Philitas and, perhaps, Theocritus.
GB84656. Bronze AE 15, apparently unpublished, cf. SNGvA supp. 8176 (head l., A vice B), BMC Caria -, SNG Keckman -, SNG Cop -, SNG TŘb -, SNG Mugla -, Lindgren -, HGC 6 -, VF, green patina, earthen highlighting, a little porous, weight 3.375 g, maximum diameter 15.1 mm, die axis 0o, Kos mint, c. 88 - 50 B.C.; obverse head of Asklepios right; reverse snake coiled around staff, B left; extremely rare; SOLD

Pergamon, Mysia, c. 133 - 16 B.C.

|Pergamon|, |Pergamon,| |Mysia,| |c.| |133| |-| |16| |B.C.||AE| |17|
When the Pergamene king Attalus III died without an heir in 133 B.C., to prevent a civil war, he bequeathed the kingdom to the Roman Republic.
GB62571. Bronze AE 17, BMC Mysia p. 128, 155, SNG BnF 1832 ff., SNGvA 1373; SGCV II 3968, VF, weight 4.257 g, maximum diameter 16.7 mm, die axis 0o, Pergamon (Bergama, Turkey) mint, 2nd - 1st century B.C.; obverse laureate head of Asklepios right; reverse AΣKΛHΠIOY ΣΩTHPOΣ (to Asklepios the Savior), snake entwined staff; SOLD

Clodius Albinus, Late 195 or Early 196 - 19 February 197 A.D.

|Clodius| |Albinus|, |Clodius| |Albinus,| |Late| |195| |or| |Early| |196| |-| |19| |February| |197| |A.D.||denarius|
Asklepios was the son of Apollo and a mortal woman named Coronis. Apollo killed Coronis for being unfaithful but rescued the unborn Asklepios from her womb. Apollo carried the baby to the centaur Chiron who raised Asclepius and instructed him in the art of medicine. In return for some kindness, a snake taught him secret knowledge of healing. Asclepius became so proficient as a healer that he surpassed both Chiron and his father, Apollo. Asclepius was even able to evade death and to bring the dead back to life. Zeus killed him to restore balance to the human population but later resurrected Asclepios as a god to prevent a feud with Apollo. Zeus instructed Asclepios to never revive the dead without his approval.
RS76731. Silver denarius, RIC IV 2 (R), RSC III 9, BMCRE V 88, SRCV II 6140, VF, toned, well centered on a tight and slightly ragged flan, scratches, weight 3.200 g, maximum diameter 19.0 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, as caesar, 193 - 195 A.D.; obverse D CLOD SEPT ALBIN CAES, bare head right; reverse COS II, Asclepius standing left, snake-entwined staff in right hand; rare; SOLD


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