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Scott Shautt Collection

Marcus Aurelius, 7 March 161 - 17 March 180 A.D.

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RS48332. Silver denarius, RIC III 148, RSC II 463, BMCRE IV 397, Choice gVF, weight 3.470 g, maximum diameter 18.4 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, Dec. 165 - summer 166 A.D.; obverse M ANTONINVS AVG ARMENIACVS, laureate head right; reverse PIETAS AVG TR P XX COS III, Pietas standing left, dropping incense on altar with right, incense-box in left; SOLD

Prince-Bishopric of Basel, Switzerland, Bishop Johann II Senn von MŁsingen, 1335 - 1365

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Bracteates were struck with only one die on top of a piece of leather, resulting in a one-sided coin with an incuse of the obverse on the reverse.
ME49636. Silver bracteate pfennig, WŁthrich 31, Wielandt Basel 117, aEF, weight 0.294 g, maximum diameter 20.9 mm, Basel diocese mint, obverse head of a Bishop left, wearing miter, annulet above, three pellets before and behind miter, B - A (Basel) across field; reverse incuse of obverse; SOLD

Gallic Empire, Tetricus II, Spring 274 A.D.

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Spes was the Roman personification of Hope. In art Spes is normally depicted carrying flowers or a cornucopia, but on coins she is almost invariably depicted holding a flower in her extended right hand, and raising a fold of her dress with her left hand. She was also named "ultima dea" - for Hope is the last resort of men.
RB49667. Billon antoninianus, RIC V-2 270, Schulzki AGK 9a, Cunetio 2647, Elmer 791, Cohen VI 88, Hunter IV 11, SRCV III 11292, F, weight 4.318 g, maximum diameter 19.0 mm, die axis 180o, Mainz or Treveri (Trier) mint, as caesar, 273 - spring 274 A.D.; obverse C PIV ESV TETRICVS CAES, radiate and draped bust right, from behind; reverse SPES AVGG (hope of the two emperors), Spes advancing left, extending flower in right, raising skirt drapery with left; SOLD


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Scott Shautt Collection