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Coins of Lithuania
Kingdom of Lithuania, Stephen Bathory of Poland, 1 May 1576 - 12 December 1586

|Lithuania|, |Kingdom| |of| |Lithuania,| |Stephen| |Bathory| |of| |Poland,| |1| |May| |1576| |-| |12| |December| |1586||3| |groschen|
Stephen Bthory is considered to be one of the most illustrious elected kings of Poland. During his reign the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was the largest and one of the most populous states in Europe.
ME59092. Silver 3 groschen, Gumowski 752, VF, weight 2.221 g, maximum diameter 20.9 mm, die axis 270o, Vilnius mint, 1580; obverse STEP D G REX / III / PO M D LI, crowned bust right, III in oval below; reverse GROS ARG / TRIP M D / LITVA / 15 (Bathory family crest) 80, eagle facing with wings open and horseman charging left (symbols of Poland and Lithuania), above inscription in three lines and date; SOLD

Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Sigismund I the Old, 1506 - 1548 A.D.

|Lithuania|, |Grand| |Duchy| |of| |Lithuania,| |Sigismund| |I| |the| |Old,| |1506| |-| |1548| |A.D.||half| |groschen|
Sigismund I, of the Jagiellon dynasty, was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1506 - 1544. He died at 81 years old.
ME59118. Silver half groschen, Kopicki 3137, VF, weight 1.206 g, maximum diameter 20.1 mm, die axis 135o, Vilna mint, 1512; obverse + mOnETA SIGISmVnDI : 1Z, knight riding left on horseback, reins in left, sword in right; reverse + mAGnI DVCIS LITVAnIE, imperial eagle facing, wings spread, head left; SOLD

Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Sigismund III Vasa, 1587 - 1632

|Lithuania|, |Grand| |Duchy| |of| |Lithuania,| |Sigismund| |III| |Vasa,| |1587| |-| |1632||2| |denars|
The coat of arms of Lithuania consists of a mounted armored knight holding a sword and shield, known as Vytis. Since the early 15th century, it has been Lithuania's official coat of arms and is one of the oldest European coats of arms. It is also known by other names in various languages, such as Waikymas, Pagaune in the Lithuanian language or as Pogonia, Pogon, Погоня (romanized: Pahonia) in the Polish, Belarusian and Ruthenian languages. Vytis is translatable as Chase, Pursuer, Knight or Horseman, similar to the Slavic vityaz (Old East Slavic: brave, valiant warrior). Historically raitas senoves karygys (mounted epic hero of old) or in heraldry raitas valdovas (mounted sovereign).Arms_of_Lithuania
ME92765. Silver 2 denars, SCWC KM 15.3, Gumowski 1282, Ivanauskas 1SV24-23, gF, toned, porous, off center, scratches, weight 0.587 g, maximum diameter 14.7 mm, die axis 270o, Lithuanian mint, 1620; obverse large ornate crowned S, 16-20 flanking left and right, II (denomination) below; reverse Vytis - coat of arms of Lithuania: mounted armored knight charging left on horseback left, brandishing sword overhead in right hand, shield on left arm; two-fish privy mark (Kristupas Narvsevicius) below, flanked by two stars; SOLD



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