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Coins of Lithuania

Lithuania, John II Casimir Vasa, 1648 - 1668

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John II Casimir, known in Poland as Jan Kazimierz, was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania, Duke of Opole in Upper Silesia, and titular King of Sweden. Unfriendly and secretive, he showed disregard and contempt for Polish culture, divided his time between lavish partying and religious contemplation, and had few friends among the Polish nobility. After his father Sigismund was deposed as King of Sweden in 1599 by his uncle, the Polish kings of the House of Vasa retained their claimed the Swedish throne, leading to the Polish-Swedish War of 1600 - 1629. The feud continued through the Thirty Years' War, and the Russo-Polish war. During the "Swedish Deluge" nearly all of Poland was captured. In 1660, John was forced to renounce his claim to the Swedish throne. The Swedes were forced to retreat but had devastated the entire country. On 16 Sep 1668, John II Casimir abdicated the Polish-Lithuanian throne, joined the Jesuits and became abbot of Abbey of Saint-Germain-des-Prťs in Paris. He died in 1672.
ME88010. Copper shilling, Gumowski 1868; SCWC KM 50, F, struck with worn dies, weight 0.842 g, maximum diameter 15.8 mm, die axis 180o, Wilna mint, 1664; obverse IOAN . - CAS . REX, laureate head right, T.L.B. below neck; reverse crown SOLI. MAG. DVC. LIT 1664, Vytis (coat of arms of Lithuania): knight on horseback riding left, sword in raised right hand, reins in left hand; HKPL monogram below; $22.00 (Ä18.70)

Kingdom of Lithuania, Stephen Bathory of Poland, 1 May 1576 - 12 December 1586

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Stephen BŠthory is considered to be one of the most illustrious elected kings of Poland. During his reign the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was the largest and one of the most populous states in Europe.
ME59092. Silver 3 groschen, Gumowski 752, VF, weight 2.221 g, maximum diameter 20.9 mm, die axis 270o, Vilnius mint, 1580; obverse STEP D G REX / III / PO M D LI, crowned bust right, III in oval below; reverse GROS ARG / TRIP M D / LITVA / 15 (Bathory family crest) 80, eagle facing with wings open and horseman charging left (symbols of Poland and Lithuania), above inscription in three lines and date; SOLD

Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Sigismund I the Old, 1506 - 1548 A.D.

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Sigismund I, of the Jagiellon dynasty, was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1506 - 1544. He died at 81 years old.
ME59118. Silver half groschen, Kopicki 3137, VF, weight 1.206 g, maximum diameter 20.1 mm, die axis 135o, Vilna mint, 1512; obverse + mOnETA ∑ SIGISmVnDI : 1Z, knight riding left on horseback, reins in left, sword in right; reverse + mAGnI ∑ DVCIS ∑ LITVAnIE, imperial eagle facing, wings spread, head left; SOLD



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