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Medieval Coin Bulk Lots
South Africa, George VI and Elizabeth II, 5 Shillings, Lot of 3, 1948, 1953, 1954, Springbok Reverses

|Africa|, |South| |Africa,| |George| |VI| |and| |Elizabeth| |II,| |5| |Shillings,| |Lot| |of| |3,| |1948,| |1953,| |1954,| |Springbok| |Reverses||Lot|NEW
LT112525. Silver Lot, South Africa, 3 Coins, Five Shillings, George VI, 1948, EF, SCWC KM52; Elizabeth II, 1953, UNC, SCWC KM52, & 1954; Elizabeth II, UNC, SCWC KM52, weight 28.280 g, maximum diameter 38.8 mm, die axis 0o, Pretoria mint, reverse SUID-AFRIKA ∑ date ∑ SOUTH AFRICA (bilingual Afrikaans-English), springbok right; 3 coins; $180.00 SALE PRICE $162.00

South Africa, Lot of 3 Silver Coins

|Africa|, |South| |Africa,| |Lot| |of| |3| |Silver| |Coins||Lot|
WO113070. Silver Lot, 2X 1960 5 shillings and 1936 Edward VIII fantasy crown, MS, $150.00 SALE PRICE $135.00

Lot of 20 Venetian Silver Grossi, 1193 - 1471, F - VF, Clipped

|Medieval| |&| |Modern| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |20| |Venetian| |Silver| |Grossi,| |1193| |-| |1471,| |F| |-| |VF,| |Clipped||Lot|
When the Venetian grosso (plural Grossi) was first introduced under doge Enrico Dandolo in 1193, it weighed 2.18 grams of 98.5% silver, and was valued at 26 dinarii. Its name is from the same root as groschen and the English groat, all derived from the denaro grosso. Its value was allowed to float relative to other Venetian coins until it was pegged to 4 soldini in 1332. In 1332, 1 grosso was the equivalent of 4 soldini, or 48 dinarii. From 1340 to 1370, the increased price of silver forced most doges to stop issuing grossi, and the others to issue only a few. When Doge Andrea Contarini resumed production of grossi their weight began to fall and continued falling until Cristoforo Moro struck the last Venetian grossi with a weight of 0.45 grams.
LT79656. Silver Lot, Lot of 20 Venice, Italy, silver grosso, F - VF, clipped, possibly some imitatives, unattributed, no flips or tags, bulk lot; as-is, no returns; SOLD

Lot of 29 Coins of Japan, China, Hong Kong, Etc.

|Medieval| |&| |Modern| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Lot| |of| |29| |Coins| |of| |Japan,| |China,| |Hong| |Kong,| |Etc.|
LT97475. Lot of 29 coins of Japan, China, Hong Kong, etc., ex Numismatik Naumann auction 96 (1 Nov 2020), lot 950; as-is, no returns; SOLD

Ireland, Elizabeth I, 1558 - 1603, 2 Coin Lot

|Ireland|, |Ireland,| |Elizabeth| |I,| |1558| |-| |1603,| |2| |Coin| |Lot||Lot|
1) Ireland, Queen Elizabeth, 1602, copper penny (1.82g, 20.0mm), mintmark martlet, SCBC-SII 6510A, aVF.
2) Ireland, Queen Elizabeth, 1601, copper halfpenny (0.76g, 16.4mm), mintmark six-pointed star, SCBC-SII 6511, Fine.
LT89280. Copper Lot, 1602 copper penny and 1601 copper half penny, London, Tower mint (for use in Ireland) mint, obverse (mintmark) ELIZAB D' G' AN' FR: ET: HIBER RE (Elizabeth, by the Grace of God, Queen of England, France and Ireland), quartered coat-of-arms (passant lions and fleurs-de-lis), flanked by E - R (Elizabetha Regina); reverse POSVI DEV ADIVTOREM MEV (I have made God my helper), crowned Irish harp, flanked by date; lot is ex Baldwinís auction 42 (26 Sep 2005), lot 1220 (sold for £100/$177 plus fees); SOLD


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