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Coins of Cyprus
Menorah Appliqu From a Ring or Other Use

|Cyprus|, |Menorah| |Appliqu| |From| |a| |Ring| |or| |Other| |Use|
From 114 to 117 A.D. the Jews of Cyprus revolted and massacred gentiles in great numbers. After the uprising was put down, every known Jew in Cyprus was killed and a law was passed forbidding any Jew, even from a shipwreck, to set foot on the island. Nevertheless Jewish residents remained on the island and in 610 A.D. they were sufficiently numerous to participate in an insurrection against Heraclius. In 646, and again in 1154, Cyprus was devastated by Arabs.
SH17036. Reportedly found on Cyprus, weight 0.537 g, maximum diameter 14.0 mm, uncertain date; obverse oval appliqu from a ring or other use, with a seven branched menorah surrounded by a Greek inscription; reverse blank; SOLD

Kingdom of Cyprus, 15th Century A.D.

|Cyprus|, |Kingdom| |of| |Cyprus,| |15th| |Century| |A.D.||denier|
Deniers with rampant lion and cross types were struck by many of the Kings of Cyprus and Jerusalem. Types were struck with stars, pellets, or crosslets in the quadrants. Janus struck the type with an S in one quadrant. We do not know of another example with letters in more than one quadrant. Unfortunately we can't read the legends or the letters in the quadrants but it is possible a specialist could improve the attribution.
CR68025. Billon denier, Unpublished(?), Malloy Crusaders -, Metcalf Crusades -, gF, weight 0.530 g, maximum diameter 13.6 mm, die axis 270o, obverse lion of Cyprus rampant left; reverse cross patte, a letter in three or four of the quarters; extremely rare; SOLD

Crusaders, Kingdom of Cyprus, Peter II, 1369 - 1382

|Malloy| |Crusader| |Collection|, |Crusaders,| |Kingdom| |of| |Cyprus,| |Peter| |II,| |1369| |-| |1382||AE| |14|
SH31998. Bronze AE 14, Malloy Crusaders p. 293, 106; Seltman, Num. Circ. (Feb 1968), p. 37, fig. 2, aF, weight 0.509 g, maximum diameter 14.2 mm, obverse + PIERE. ROI D, Lion of Cyprus rampant left; reverse + IERUALEM, cross patte, pellet in each quarter; from the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer for 40 years and co-author of Coins of the Crusader States; extremely rare; SOLD

Byzantine Empire, Isaac Comnenus, Usurper in Cyprus, 1184 - 1191 A.D.

|Isaac| |Comnenus| |of| |Cyprus|, |Byzantine| |Empire,| |Isaac| |Comnenus,| |Usurper| |in| |Cyprus,| |1184| |-| |1191| |A.D.||tetarteron|
Isaac Comnenus maintained independent rule in Cyprus for 7 years. He was defeated by Richard the Lionheart of England during the third crusade. Isaac was imprisoned and Cyprus was never recovered by the empire.
SL95157. Bronze tetarteron, Hendy pl., 21, 13; SBCV 1998; Morrisson BnF 63/Ch(B)03; CLBC 6.3.6 A; Wroth BMC -; Ratto -, NGC VF, strike 4/5, surface 2/5 (5770405-007), weight 3.195 g, maximum diameter 21.8 mm, die axis 180o, uncertain Cyprus mint, 1184 - 1191 A.D.; obverse OEMMA NOV/HA (Latinized Hebrew: "God with us"), Christ enthroned facing, bearded, wearing nimbus cruciger, pallium, and colobium, raising right hand in benediction, scroll in left hand, IC - XC (Greek abbreviation: Ihsos Xrists - Jesus Christ) left and right of nimbus; reverse ICAAKIOC ∆ECΠOTIC (or similar, Isaac, despot), the Virgin nimbate on right, crowns Isaac on left, Isaac with sagion cruciform scepter in left hand, akakia in right hand, both standing facing, MP between; from the S. Lindner Collection; NGC| Lookup; extremely rare; SOLD



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