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Swans on Ancient Coins
Syracuse, Sicily, Agathokles, 317 - 289 B.C.

|Swan|, |Syracuse,| |Sicily,| |Agathokles,| |317| |-| |289| |B.C.||80| |litrae|
Sear's Greek Coins and Their Values listed this type at £1,500 in 1978!
SH10964. Gold 80 litrae, BMC 416v, SGCV I 970v, SNG Cop 778v (legend blunder is variety for all refs), VF, ex jewelry damage, weight 4.27 g, maximum diameter 15.00 mm, die axis 45o, Syracuse mint, 306 - 289 B.C.; obverse helmeted head of Athena right; reverse AΓAΘOKAEOE / BAΣIΛEΩΣ, winged thunderbolt, TP monogram below, no border; the tyrant's name AΓAΘOKΛEOΣ is blundered, reading A instead of Λ and ending in "E" vice the normal"Σ", apparently clipped, holed and filled; SOLD

Leukai, Ionia, c. 350 - 300 B.C.

|Other| |Ionia|, |Leukai,| |Ionia,| |c.| |350| |-| |300| |B.C.||AE| |16|
Leukai (also Leucae or Leuce) was a small town of ancient Ionia, close to Phocaea. Leukai was, according to Pliny, on an island promontory. From Scylax we learn that it had harbors. According to Diodorus, the Persian admiral Tachos founded the town on an eminence on the sea coast in 352 B.C. Shortly after Tachos died, and the Clazomenians and Cymaeans quarreled over the town until the former took control. Leukai was near the site of the battle between the consul Publius Licinius Crassus Mucianius and the Pergamene rebel Aristonicus in 131 B.C.
GB87751. Bronze AE 16, SNG Munchen 584; SNG Cop 584; BMC Ionia p. 157, 3; SNG Tüb -, aVF, nice style, centered, corrosion, closed flan crack, weight 3.186 g, maximum diameter 15.8 mm, die axis 0o, (Uctepeler, Turkey) mint, c. 350 - 300 B.C.; obverse laureate head of Apollo left; reverse swan standing left, wings open, head down, ΛEO in exergue; rare; SOLD

Klazomenai, Ionia, 387 - 300 B.C.

|Other| |Ionia|, |Klazomenai,| |Ionia,| |387| |-| |300| |B.C.||AE| |10|
Klazomenai was home to large numbers of swans. The principal god of Klazomenai was Apollo, who flew south each year from his winter home in a chariot drawn by swans. The swan was also a pun on the name Klazomenai - the verb klazo was used to describe the call of the wild birds.
GB60406. Bronze AE 10, Mionnet 52, Fair, weight 0.741 g, maximum diameter 9.9 mm, Klazomenai (Urla, Turkey) mint, 387 - 300 B.C.; obverse laureate head of Apollo left; reverse ∆IONYΣIOΣ EO, swan left, wings open, neck curled; SOLD


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