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Chicken Cocks and Hens on Ancient Coins
Dardanos, Troas, 5th Century B.C.

|Troas|, |Dardanos,| |Troas,| |5th| |Century| |B.C.||trihemiobol|
Although this denomination is unpublished in the standard references several have been offered in auctions.
GS92917. Silver trihemiobol, cf. SNG Munchen 173 (tetartemorion); CNG auction 88, lot 300; CNG auction 82, lot 599; Leu Web Auction 2, 79, VF, toned, well centered, weight 1.200 g, maximum diameter 9.20 mm, die axis 0o, Dardanos mint, 5th Century B.C.; obverse cock standing right; reverse crude incuse horse head left; very rare; SOLD

Dikaia, Thrace, 5th Century B.C.

|Other| |Thrace| |&| |Moesia|, |Dikaia,| |Thrace,| |5th| |Century| |B.C.||diobol|
Although unpublished in the major references another was offered in H. D. Rauch GmbH auction 77. We first assumed this was a normal head of Herakles wearing a lion scalp reverse struck with a damaged reverse die; however, the similar Rauch coin was struck with a different reverse die. Rauch described the reverse as a dolphin in an incuse punch.
GS35950. Silver diobol, unpublished in major references; Schönert-Geiss Bisanthe -, Klein -, SNG ANS -, SNG Keckman -, SNG Kayhan -, SNG Cop -, AMNG -, BMC -, F, weight .96 g, maximum diameter 9.7 mm, Dikaia mint, 5th century B.C.; obverse rooster standing right, possibly a snake or worm in its beak; reverse uncertain design, possibly a dolphin, within an incuse irregular square punch; very rare; SOLD

Dardanos, Troas, 4th Century B.C.

|Troas|, |Dardanos,| |Troas,| |4th| |Century| |B.C.||AE| |15|
In mythology, Dardanos was founded by Dardanus, from whom the city, the region and the people took their name. It lay on the Hellespont, and is the source of the strait's modern name, the Dardanelles. From Dardanus' grandson Tros the people gained the additional name of Trojans and the region gained the additional name Troad. Tros' son Ilus subsequently founded a city called Ilion (in Latin Ilium) down on the plain, the city now commonly called Troy, and the kingdom was split between Ilium and Dardania. The Dardani people appear in the Trojan War under Aeneas, in close alliance with the Trojans, with whose name their own is often interchanged, especially by the Roman poets.The Troad
GB87738. Bronze AE 15, BMC Troas p. 48, 6; SNG Cop 287; SNGvA -; SNG Tübingen -; SNG Munchen -, F, centered on a tight flan, corrosion, weight 3.964 g, maximum diameter 14.8 mm, die axis 0o, Dardanos mint, 4th century B.C.; obverse horseman galloping right, wearing petasos and chlamys flying behind, ΦIΛO KPA and owl below horse; reverse cock right, standing erect, ∆AP above, star over Athena Promachos in right field; rare; SOLD


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