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Sheep on Ancient Coin
Antioch, Seleukis and Pieria, Syria, 128 - 129 A.D.

|Antioch|, |Antioch,| |Seleukis| |and| |Pieria,| |Syria,| |128| |-| |129| |A.D.||trichalkon|
Michael Molnar, an astronomer, believes this coin depicts Jupiter's occultation of Aries in 6 B.C., the most probable "Star of Bethlehem." We think it is unlikely; nevertheless, the type is very popular and somewhat expensive.
GB90244. Bronze trichalkon, RPC Online III 3729, Butcher CRS 266, McAlee 125(d), SNG Hunterian II 2950, F, dark near black patina, highlighting red earthen deposits, weight 5.145 g, maximum diameter 18.8 mm, die axis 0o, Antioch (Antakya, Turkey) mint, reign of Hadrian, 128 - 129 A.D.; obverse ANTIOXEΩN THC MHTPOΠOΛEWC, veiled and turreted head of Tyche right, weak countermark at chin; reverse ram leaping right, looking back, star within crescent above, ET ZOP (year 177 of the Caesarean Era) below; $90.00 (Ä84.60)

Septimius Severus, 9 April 193 - 4 February 211 A.D., Tomis, Moesia Inferior

|Tomis|, |Septimius| |Severus,| |9| |April| |193| |-| |4| |February| |211| |A.D.,| |Tomis,| |Moesia| |Inferior||tetrassaria|
Hermes was the messenger of the gods and the god of commerce and thieves. He was the son of Zeus and the nymph Maia. His symbols include the caduceus and winged sandals.
RP53792. Bronze tetrassaria, Varbanov I 4812, AMNG I/II 2743, VF, weight 11.522 g, maximum diameter 27.32 mm, die axis 225o, Tomis (Constanta, Romania) mint, obverse ANT K Λ CEΠT CEYHPOC Π, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind; reverse MHTPO ΠONTOY TOMEC, Hermes standing left, holding purse in right, caduceus in left, ram at feet, Δ (mark of value) in left field; well centered, nice green patina, some light cleaning scratches; SOLD

Kasolaba, Caria, c. 410 - 390 B.C.

|Kasolaba|, |Kasolaba,| |Caria,| |c.| |410| |-| |390| |B.C.||hemiobol|
One of the letters on most example of this type or is only known in the Karian script but determining the mint city within Karia is less certain. The most current interpretation of the inscriptions and some recorded provenances support Kasolaba, a city which is mentioned in the Athenian Tribute Lists but whose precise location is uncertain.
GA87964. Silver hemiobol, Konuk Kasolaba 7, SNG Kayhan 996, SNG Keckman 873, SNG TŁbingen 3316, Klein 497, Troxell 9A, VF/EF, interesting male head, lightly etched surfaces, tiny edge split, weight 0.510 g, maximum diameter 7.3 mm, die axis 180o, Kasolaba mint, c. 410 - 390 B.C.; obverse head of ram right; reverse young male head right, curly hair, Carian ethnic abbreviation: - A divided low across field, within an incuse square; SOLD


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