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The Sphinx on Ancient Coins
Chios, Islands off Ionia, c. 435 - 425 B.C.

|Other| |Ionia|, |Chios,| |Islands| |off| |Ionia,| |c.| |435| |-| |425| |B.C.||stater| |or| |didrachm|NEW
Chios was one of the first cities to strike coins, taking the sphinx as its symbol, a tradition maintained for almost 900 years. In 546 B.C. Chios became subject to the Persia. It was liberated by the Persia defeat at the Battle of Mycale in 479 B.C. When the Athenians formed the Delian League, Chios joined as one of the few members who did not have to pay tribute but instead supplied ships.
GS110596. Silver stater or didrachm, cf. BMC Ionia p. 329, 6; SNG Online III Lockett 2858; SNG Cop 1543; HGC 6 1121, F, off center, weight 7.775 g, maximum diameter 16.8 mm, Islands of Ionia, Chios mint, c. 435 - 425 B.C.; obverse winged sphinx seated left, archaic curved wings, long hair, both forelegs visible, bunch of grapes above amphora before, all on a raised disk (shield?); reverse rough quadripartite incuse square; from the CEB Collection; very rare; $400.00 SALE PRICE $360.00

Augustus, 16 January 27 B.C. - 19 August 14 A.D.

|Augustus|, |Augustus,| |16| |January| |27| |B.C.| |-| |19| |August| |14| |A.D.||aureus|
The Sphinx was one of Augustus' symbols and was used on his personal seal (Suetonius).
SH30615. Gold aureus, RIC I 512 corr. (head left), BMCRE 682, Calico 156, Cohen 333, gVF, weight 7.998 g, maximum diameter 21.5 mm, die axis 0o, Pergamon (Bergama, Turkey) mint, c. 19 - 18 B.C.; obverse AVGVSTVS, bare head right; reverse sphinx seated right; attractive reddish toning; rare; SOLD

Castulo, Hispania Ulterior, c. 165 - 80 B.C.

|Iberia|, |Castulo,| |Hispania| |Ulterior,| |c.| |165| |-| |80| |B.C.||AE| |28|
After a local princess named Himilce married Hannibal, Castulo allied with Carthage. In 213 B.C., Castulo was the site of Hasdrubal Barca's crushing victory over the Roman army with a force of roughly 40,000 Carthaginian troops plus local Iberian mercenaries. Soon after the Romans made a pact with the residents and the city became a foederati (ally) of Rome.
GB55458. Bronze AE 28, Villaronga p. 335, 38; SNG BM Spain 1323 ff.; SNG Spain II 243 ff.; SNG Cop 205; Burgos 543, VF, weight 12.229 g, maximum diameter 25.8 mm, die axis 270o, Castulo (near Linares, Spain) mint, c. 165 - 80 B.C.; obverse diademed head right, hand before; reverse helmeted sphinx walking right, star before, KASTILO in Iberic script below exergual line; SOLD


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