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The hippocampi or hippocampus (plural: hippocampi) is a mythological creature shared by Phoenician, Greek, and Etruscan mythology. It is typically depicted with a horse forepart and a coiling, scaly, fishlike hindquarter.

Akragas, Sicily, c. 425 - 406 B.C.

|Akragas|, |Akragas,| |Sicily,| |c.| |425| |-| |406| |B.C.||hemilitron|
Some lighter spots on this coin might be potentially active (bronze disease) but we have had this coin for almost two years and nothing has changed. If you live in New Orleans and don't have air conditioning, you might not want to buy this coin. Otherwise, we think there is little to worry about. The low price reflects the potential issue.
GI93436. Bronze hemilitron, Calciati I p. 170, 19; SNG ANS 1022 ff.; SNG Cop 70; HGC 2 136; BMC Sicily -; McClean -; SNG Munchen -; SNG Morcom -, aVF, areas of rough corrosion, spots of potentially active corrosion, weight 22.830 g, maximum diameter 31.7 mm, die axis 135o, Akragas (Agrigento, Sicily, Italy) mint, c. 425 - 406 B.C.; obverse AKPA, eagle flying right, wings open, head lowered, clutching supine hare in talons; reverse crab seen from above, hippocamp left below, three pairs of pellets flanking claws (six total, mark of value), all within a shallow round incuse; from the Errett Bishop Collection; very rare; $65.00 (53.30)

Tyre, Phoenicia, c. 392 - 391 B.C.

|Phoenicia|, |Tyre,| |Phoenicia,| |c.| |392| |-| |391| |B.C.||stater|
This type was issued from 393 to 360 B.C.
SH57817. Silver stater, Cohen DCA 909, BMC Phoenicia p. 229, 14; Elayi II 1.2.1.g, SNG Cop 307 var. (year), F, encrusted, weight 12.617 g, maximum diameter 19.0 mm, die axis 180o, Tyre (Lebanon) mint, c. 330 - 329 B.C.; obverse bearded Melqart riding hippocamp with curled wing to right, waves and dolphin below; reverse owl standing right, head facing, crook and flail behind, date II (year 2) right; rare (R1); SOLD

Persian Empire, Tyre, Phoenicia, c. 425 - 310 B.C.

|Phoenicia|, |Persian| |Empire,| |Tyre,| |Phoenicia,| |c.| |425| |-| |310| |B.C.||1/16| |Shekel|
The coinage of Tyre circulated throughout the holy land.
GS70327. Silver 1/16 Shekel, Betlyon 20; Elayi-Elayi Tyre 1577 corr. (seahorse right); Rouvier 1819; BMC Phoenicia p. 233, 43; HGC 10 333 (R2); SNG Cop -, VF, well centered, struck with worn dies, weight 0.528 g, maximum diameter 9.3 mm, die axis 270o, Tyre (Lebanon) mint, c. 425 - 310 B.C.; obverse hippocamp with curved wings left, over waves, dolphin right below; reverse owl standing left, head facing, crook and flail behind (Egyptian symbols of royalty); SOLD


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