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The Tyrannicides - Assassins of Julius Caesar
Kings of Thrace, Kotys and Rhaescuporis I, c. Late Summer of 42 B.C., Struck by Brutus(?)

|Kingdoms| |of| |Thrace|, |Kings| |of| |Thrace,| |Kotys| |and| |Rhaescuporis| |I,| |c.| |Late| |Summer| |of| |42| |B.C.,| |Struck| |by| |Brutus(?)||AE| |16|
In late summer of 42 B.C., Brutus struck aureus and denarius types (Crawford 505/4 and Crawford 505/5) with trophy reverses very similar to the reverse of this coin. This type, struck in the names of King Kotys and King Rhaescuporis of Thrace, may have actually been struck by Brutus too. Perhaps it was used for small change in the camps of Thracian mercenaries. Brutus was defeated at Philippi in October.
RP110441. Bronze AE 16, RPC Online I 1703, (description corr. post publication) Youroukova 157, BMC Thrace -, SNG Cop -, VF, dark green patina, a little rough, minor adjustment marks on rev., die wear, tiny edge splits, weight 4.000 g, maximum diameter 16.6 mm, die axis 0o, Thrace, uncertain mint, c. late summer 42 B.C.; obverse BAΣIΛEYΣ KOTYΣ, diademed and draped bust of Kotys to right; reverse BAΣIΛEYΣ PAIΣKOYΠOPI∆OΣ, trophy composed of captured arms, with spears and a Gallic shield ; ex Nomos Obolos 21 (2 Jan 2022), lot 140; $180.00 SALE PRICE $162.00

Roman Republic, M. Junius Brutus, Ides of March, Fourree Denarius, c. 43 - 42 B.C.

|The| |Tyrannicides|, |Roman| |Republic,| |M.| |Junius| |Brutus,| |Ides| |of| |March,| |Fourree| |Denarius,| |c.| |43| |-| |42| |B.C.||denarius|
With this famous type Brutus commemorated his assassination of Julius Caesar on the notorious Ides of March, 44 BC, and claimed that the deed was done to secure liberty for the Roman people (the liberty cap). This coin is a contemporary strike from unofficial dies, in competent style but with an engraver's error in the obverse legend, PIAET for PLAET. In his corpus of EID MAR denarii H. A., Cahn lists five such unofficial plated specimens, namely two in Paris and three in auction catalogues. The specimen that he illustrates, ex Muenzhandlung Basel 6, 1936, 1485, is from the same dies as this coin.
SH01339. Fouree silver plated denarius, Crawford 508/3, Sydenham 1301 (R9), Cohen 15 (350 Fr.); Cahn, Quaderni ticinesi 1989, p. 223 fig. 2 (same dies), aF/F, weight 3.10 g, die axis 180o, W. Asia Minor or Macedonia mint, 42 B.C.; obverse BRVT IMP L PIAET (sic) CE[ST], head of Brutus right; reverse EID MAR, liberty cap and two daggers; SOLD

Roman Republic, Dictatorship of Julius Caesar, Albinus Bruti f., 48 B.C.

|after| |50| |B.C.|, |Roman| |Republic,| |Dictatorship| |of| |Julius| |Caesar,| |Albinus| |Bruti| |f.,| |48| |B.C.||denarius|
This moneyer served under Caesar in Gaul. He was later to be one of Caesars assassins on the Ides of March, 44 B.C
RR56093. Silver denarius, RSC I Postumia 14, Crawford 450/3b, Sydenham 943a, SRCV I 428, F, weight 3.482 g, maximum diameter 17.7 mm, die axis 180o, obverse A POSTVMIVS COS, bare head of the consul Aulus Postumius Albinus right; reverse ALBINV / BRVTIF, inscription in two lines within grain wreath; SOLD



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