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Magnesia ad Maeandrum, Ionia, c. 155 - 145 B.C.

|Magnesia| |ad| |Meandrum|, |Magnesia| |ad| |Maeandrum,| |Ionia,| |c.| |155| |-| |145| |B.C.||stephanophoric| |tetradrachm|
The magistrate's name is written EYΦHMOΣ ΠAYΣANIOY, with the last name in genitive, which means Euphemos was the son of Pausanios.
SH35578. Silver stephanophoric tetradrachm, BMC Ionia p. 162, 36; SNGvA 2042, SNG Cop -, superb EF, weight 16.836 g, maximum diameter 34.2 mm, die axis 0o, Magnesia ad Maeandrum (near Tekin, Turkey) mint, c. 160 - 150 B.C.; obverse bust of Artemis the Hunter wearing stephane, bow and quiver at shoulder; reverse MAΓNHTΩN / EYΦHMOΣ / ΠAYΣANIOY, Apollo naked standing half left, left arm resting on tripod, filleted branch in right hand, Maeander pattern below, magistrate's name with patronymic left, all within laurel wreath; luster, golden toning, wonderful style, beautiful!, ex CNG; SOLD

Kyme, Aeolis, 165 - 140 B.C.

|Aeolis|, |Kyme,| |Aeolis,| |165| |-| |140| |B.C.||stephanophoric| |tetradrachm|
In Greek mythology, the Amazons were a nation of all-female warriors Herodotus placed them in a region bordering Scythia in Sarmatia (modern territory of Ukraine). Other historiographers place them in Asia Minor or Libya.
SH35586. Silver stephanophoric tetradrachm, BMC Troas p. 111, 74; SNG Cop 104, EF, weight 16.781 g, maximum diameter 31.4 mm, die axis 0o, Kyme (near Nemrut Limani, Turkey) mint, obverse head of Amazon Kyme right, wearing taenia; reverse horse walking right, oinochoe below raised left foreleg, KYMAIΩN downward on right, MHTPOΦANHΣ (magistrate) in exergue, all in laurel wreath tied at the bottom; light toning, ex CNG 75, 346; SOLD

Athens, Attica, Greece, c. 146 - 145 B.C., New Style Tetradrachm

|Athens|, |Athens,| |Attica,| |Greece,| |c.| |146| |-| |145| |B.C.,| |New| |Style| |Tetradrachm||stephanophoric| |tetradrachm|
This issue does not appear to have been struck with letters on the amphora.

Thompson catalog numbers indicate the obverse die. Reverses for each obverse are indicated by a letter. For this obverse die, Thompson does not record a reverse with the control letters EY.
SH54908. Silver stephanophoric tetradrachm, Thompson 131 var. (EY not listed); Svoronos Athens pl. 43, 3 var. (same obverse die, KTH below on rev), VF, rough cleaning, weight 16.647 g, maximum diameter 32.9 mm, die axis 0o, Athens mint, obverse head of Athena Parthenos right, wearing crested helmet ornamented with Pegasos and the fore-parts of four or more horses; reverse A−ΘE, owl standing right on amphora, wings closed, head facing, XAPI left, HPA over cock with palm frond right, EY below, all within olive wreath; areas of light corrosion, flat strike areas; scarce; SOLD

Athens, Attica, Greece, c. 109 - 108 B.C., New Style Tetradrachm

|Athens|, |Athens,| |Attica,| |Greece,| |c.| |109| |-| |108| |B.C.,| |New| |Style| |Tetradrachm||stephanophoric| |tetradrachm|
The "New Style" tetradrachms were issued by Athens as a semi-autonomous city under Roman rule. The new-style Owls are markedly different from the Owls of Periclean Athens or the "eye in profile" Athena head of the Fourth Century. They were struck on thinner, broad flans, typical of the Hellenistic period, with a portrait of Athena that reflected the heroic portraiture of the period. The owl now stands on an amphora, surrounded by magistrates' names and symbols, all within an olive wreath. The amphora is marked with a letter that may indicate the month of production. Letters below the amphora may indicate the source of the silver used in production.
SH62483. Silver stephanophoric tetradrachm, Thompson Athens 728f var. (ME under amphora); Svoronos Athens pl. 59, 11 var. (same), VF, weight 16.643 g, maximum diameter 29.9 mm, die axis 0o, Athens mint, c. 109 - 108 B.C.; obverse helmeted head of Athena Parthenos right, triple-crested helmet decorated with curvilinear ornament on the shell, Pegasos right above the raised earpiece, and protomes of horses above the visor; reverse A−ΘE / ∆A−MΩN / ΣΩΣ/IKPA/THΣ KΛEI/∆AMO, owl standing right on amphora on its side, bow and quiver on right, I on amphora, ΠE below, all within olive wreath; magistrates Damon, Sosikrates, and Kleidamo; SOLD


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