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Scarce and Rare Coins From the Holy Land
Judean Kingdom, Anonymous Hasmonean, c. 140 - 37 B.C.

|Judean| |Kingdom|, |Judean| |Kingdom,| |Anonymous| |Hasmonean,| |c.| |140| |-| |37| |B.C.||tessera|
A Judaean coin expert informs us that there are nine known specimens of this type, one specimen of this type was discovered during excavations at Mt. Gerizim, and the second best known specimen of this type sold for $12,000 a few years ago.
JD97077. Lead tessera, Hendin 1157 (RRR), Meshore TJC -, Sofaer Collection -, HGC 10 -, SNG Cop -, F, scratches, bumps, earthen encrustation, tight flan, weight 2.024 g, maximum diameter 12.1 mm, die axis 225o, Samarian(?) mint, c. 140 - 37 B.C.; obverse double cornucopia, upright rod between, border of dots; reverse stylized palm tree between two blooming lily flowers, border of dots; zero sales of this type listed on Coin Archives in the last two decades; extremely rare; $2000.00 (1840.00)

Judaean Kingdom, Herod Agrippa II, c. 49 - 95 A.D., Diva Poppaea and Diva Claudia Commemorative

|Agrippa| |II|, |Judaean| |Kingdom,| |Herod| |Agrippa| |II,| |c.| |49| |-| |95| |A.D.,| |Diva| |Poppaea| |and| |Diva| |Claudia| |Commemorative||AE| |21|
This is the only coin ever issued in the name of Claudia, Nero's daughter, who died in infancy, 63 A.D. Poppaea was described as a "god fearer" by Josephus and she may have interceded with Nero on behalf of the Judaeans.
JD97400. Bronze AE 21, RPC I 4846, Hendin 1270, Rosenberger III 47, Sofaer Collection 87, SNG ANS 858, SGICV 2058, Vagi 746, F, green patina, rough bumps and marks, light highlighting earthen deposits, tight flan, a little off center, weight 6.936 g, maximum diameter 21.0 mm, die axis 0o, Caesarea Paneas mint, reign of Nero, 65 A.D.; obverse DIVA POPPAEA AVG, temple with two columns of Diva Poppaea, female figure seated left within; reverse DIVA CLAVD NER F, round hexastyle temple of Diva Claudia, female figure standing left within; rare; $270.00 (248.40)

Judah (Yehud), Macedonian or Ptolemaic Rule, Satrap Hezekiah, c. 333 - 302 B.C.

|Judaea| |&| |Palestine|, |Judah| |(Yehud),| |Macedonian| |or| |Ptolemaic| |Rule,| |Satrap| |Hezekiah,| |c.| |333| |-| |302| |B.C.||quarter| |obol|NEW
Josephus identifies Hezekiah as the High Priest of the Jews who offered friendship to Ptolemy I after his conquest of Palestine. Josephus mentions Hezekiah was sixty years old at the time of Ptolemy. It was common for obverse dies in this series to have been used after they were completely deteriorated (see J.-P. Fontanille, "Extreme Deterioration and Damage on Yehud Coin Dies," INR 3 [2008], pp. 45-50).
JD97072. Silver quarter obol, Hendin 1065; Meshorer TJC 24; Mildenberg Yehud pl. 22, 19; HGC 10 451 (R1), aVF, toned, off center, light scratches, die wear, porous, weight 0.222 g, maximum diameter 7.3 mm, Jerusalem(?) mint, c. 333 - 302 B.C.; obverse male head left; reverse forepart of winged and horned lynx left, Aramaic inscription lower right: YHZQYH (Hezekiah); ex Shick Coins; rare; $250.00 (230.00) ON RESERVE


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