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Signed Ancient Coins

Some of the finest master die engravers were famous in their own time and even cut dies for several cities. Only the most exceptional die engravers, and even then only rarely, were permitted to sign their work. Most of these "signatures" consist of only a few discrete letters, sometimes hidden in the hair but sometimes more prominent. Examples include KIM for Kimon, FRI for Phrygillos, and EY for Eukleidas.

Syracuse, Sicily, c. 415 - 410 B.C., Double Signed by Eumenes

|Syracuse|, |Syracuse,| |Sicily,| |c.| |415| |-| |410| |B.C.,| |Double| |Signed| |by| |Eumenes||tetradrachm|
Boldly signed by the artist Eumenes (Eumenos) on both the obverse and reverse.
SH28067. Silver tetradrachm, Tudeer 17, 23 (same die); SNG ANS 258 (same dies); Rizzo pl. XLII, 12; Jameson 792; Weber 1596, VF, toned, small cut, weight 17.041 g, maximum diameter 24.5 mm, die axis 0o, obverse charioteer driving galloping quadriga left, kentron in right, reins in left; Nike flying above crowning charioteer; signature EVMHNOV in ex; reverse ΣYPAKOΣION (final N retrograde), head of Arethusa left, four dolphins around, EVMHNOV behind; rare; SOLD

Pharsalos, Thessaly, Greece, Late 5th-Mid 4th Century B.C., Both Dies Signed By Telephantos

|Thessaly|, |Pharsalos,| |Thessaly,| |Greece,| |Late| |5th-Mid| |4th| |Century| |B.C.,| |Both| |Dies| |Signed| |By| |Telephantos||drachm|
Signed by the master engraver Telephantos. The tiny letters on the obverse left and reverse exergue are the initials and signature of Telephantos.
GS86218. Silver drachm, Lavva 105 (V51/R58); BCD Thessaly II 640 (same rev. die); BMC Thessaly p. 43, 6 & pl. IX, 9 (same); HGC 4 624; BCD Thessaly I -, Choice gVF, superb classical style of the master engraver Telephantos, well centered and struck, a few light marks, weight 5.794 g, maximum diameter 19.0 mm, die axis 195o, Pharsalos (Farsala, Greece) mint, late 5th-mid 4th century B.C.; obverse head of Athena right, wearing crested Attic helmet with raised cheek-piece, small TH behind neck; reverse Φ−A−P−Σ (clockwise from lower right), Thessalian cavalryman on horse prancing right, wearing petasos, chlamys, and chiton, lagobolon over right shoulder in right hand, reins in left hand; TEΛEΦANTO small, retrograde, and low relief in exergue; SOLD

Syracuse, Sicily, c. 405 B.C., Signed by Kimon

|Syracuse|, |Syracuse,| |Sicily,| |c.| |405| |B.C.,| |Signed| |by| |Kimon||hemilitron|
The finest style by one of the greatest masters of numismatic art. The famous master-engravers who signed their work in gold and silver also signed some bronze coins. This is the first example with a clear KIM signature that we have seen.
SH17090. Bronze hemilitron, Calciati II 45, 19 fr 1; HGC 2 1479; SNG ANS -; SNG Cop -; SNG Munchen -; BMC Sicily -, EF, attractive green patina, weight 3.666 g, maximum diameter 17.0 mm, die axis 225o, Syracuse mint, c. 415 - 405 B.C.; obverse head of nymph Arethusa left, hair bound with ampyx and sphendone, signature KIM in lower right field; reverse wheel of four spokes, ΣY−PA in upper quarters divided by spoke, dolphin head down and inward in each of the lower quarters; SOLD


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