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The Chalkis Hoard of Venetian Tornesello

The Chalkis Hoard of 4806 torneselli was found in Greece about 1980, cataloged by Alan M. Stahl, and published in "The Venetian Tornesello, a Medieval Colonial Coinage" (NNM No. 163, ANS, NY, 1985). Initially it was believed the hoard had been found near Arta, the capital of medieval Epirus. Subsequent investigation indicated the hoard was more likely found in the Chalkis area of Negroponte and was probably lost when Negroponte fell to the Turks in 1470. The dealer John Aiello donated 82 coins of 59 different types from the hoard to the ANS. One thousand of the Chalikis Hoard coins are in the Numismatic Collection of the Smithsonian Institution. The remaining coins were disbursed commercially, chiefly by the dealer Alex G. Malloy, who is now a Forum staff consultant. More than half of the coins in the hoard (2629 of 4806) were minted by Doge Antonio Venier, 1382 - 1400.
NN&M 163

Republic of Venice, Doge Giovanni Dolfin, 1356 - 1361

|Chalkis| |Hoard|, |Republic| |of| |Venice,| |Doge| |Giovanni| |Dolfin,| |1356| |-| |1361||tornesello|
Giovanni Dolfin (died July 12, 1361) was the fifty-seventh Doge of Venice, appointed on August 13, 1356. Despite his value as general, during his reign Venice lost Dalmatia. He was blind in one eye from a wound received in battle.

The tornesello was minted in Venice but was specifically designated for use by the administrators of colonies of Coron and Modon, Negroponte and Crete. Struck in an alloy of 1/9 silver, they were intended as a replacement for the Frankish denier tournois, last minted in 1350.
ME46296. Billon tornesello, Stahl tornesello 4, Biaggi 2835 (R4), VF, weight 0.645 g, maximum diameter 17.5 mm, die axis 135o, obverse + : IO DELPhYNO DVX, cross patte; reverse + VEXELIFER VENETIA, winged lion of San Marco, seated facing, holding Gospels in forepaws; ex Chalkis Hoard, ex Alex G. Malloy; very rare; SOLD


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