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Egyptian Shabtis
Egyptian Faience Ushabti, Ptolemaic Period, c. 332 - 30 B.C.

|Shabtis|, |Egyptian| |Faience| |Ushabti,| |Ptolemaic| |Period,| |c.| |332| |-| |30| |B.C.|
In the Ptolemaic period shabtis were sometimes made with fake inscriptions because few Egyptians knew how to write hieroglyphs.
AEA31058. 10.5 cm (4") high, near Choice, green faience, Osirian form, holding hoe and pic, seed bag over left shoulder, back pillar, blundered imitative inscription; chips in pedestal; SOLD

Egyptian Faience Ushabti Inscribed "The Osiris, Hemka Nefer," 30th Dynasty to Ptolemaic Period, c. 664 - 100 B.C.

|Shabtis|, |Egyptian| |Faience| |Ushabti| |Inscribed| |"The| |Osiris,| |Hemka| |Nefer,"| |30th| |Dynasty| |to| |Ptolemaic| |Period,| |c.| |664| |-| |100| |B.C.|
Smaller ushabtis are often inscribed "the Osiris" followed by the name of the deceased. Hemka literally means priest and Nefer means good or perfect. Osiris is called "Osiris Hemka" in a sacred text where he begets a son with Isis (who is flying over him as a hawk while he reclines on a lion couch). The inscription may read, "The Osiris, the perfect priest" or more likely reads, "The Osiris" followed by the name of the desceased, "Hemka Nefer."
AEA31072. 8.4 cm (3 1/4") high, near Superb, aquamarine faience, Osirian form, holding pick and hoe, back pillar; nice color and better made than other "Hemka Nefer" ushabtis we have seen; rare; SOLD

Egyptian Faience Ushabti, 30th Dynasty - Ptolemaic Period, c. 380 - 200 B.C.

|Shabtis|, |Egyptian| |Faience| |Ushabti,| |30th| |Dynasty| |-| |Ptolemaic| |Period,| |c.| |380| |-| |200| |B.C.|
AB31081. Turquoise faience, Osirian form Ushabti, holding pick and hoe, seed basket over left shoulder, back pillar, uninscribed, 11 cm (4 1/4") high, Choice, SOLD



Alex G. Malloy, Inc. Egyptian Art and Artifacts, Summer 1980. (New York, 1980).

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