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Ancient Vessels and Tableware

See Toiletries and Grooming for smaller bottles used for perfumes and oils.

Roman, Bronze Vessel Lid, c. 1st Century B.C. - 3rd Century A.D.

|Metal| |Antiquities|, |Roman,| |Bronze| |Vessel| || |Lid,| |c.| |1st| |Century| |B.C.| |-| |3rd| |Century| |A.D.|
This lid would have been attached to the vessel with a chain, as seen on Ceci's Piccoli bronzi del Museo Nazionale di Napoli (New York, 1858)., tav. 1, 13.
AM20847. Roman bronze vessel lid, 13.5 cm diameter, green patina, earthen deposits, parts of edge ragged, c. 1st Century B.C. - 3rd Century A.D.; $80.00 SALE PRICE $72.00

Sumerian (Uruk?), Limestone Cup Ornamented with Animals, Jemdet Nasr Period, 4th Millennium B.C.

|Vessels| |&| |Tableware|, |Sumerian| |(Uruk?),| |Limestone| |Cup| |Ornamented| |with| |Animals,| |Jemdet| |Nasr| |Period,| |4th| |Millennium| |B.C.|
AAA31037. height 7 cm (2 5/8"), rim diameter 6 cm (2 3/8"); The Louvre Near Eastern Antiqities, Ur Excavations Volume 4 The early periods (nearly identical), Collectible condition, two lion's attacking two bulls, high relief, one small piece re-attached, chips from rim; SOLD

Ancient Israel, Pottery Bowl, Middle Bronze Age IIB, 1730 - 1550 B.C.

|Vessels| |&| |Tableware|, |Ancient| |Israel,| |Pottery| |Bowl,| |Middle| |Bronze| |Age| |IIB,| |1730| |-| |1550| |B.C.|
Time of Joseph and slavery in Egypt.

From the collection of Alex G. Malloy, former dealer in antiquities for 40 years.

Found in Israel.
AM48132. Pottery bowl; white-buff, wheel-made, ovoid body declining to ring base, some carination, slightly flairing rim, 2 inches high, 6 inches diameter, Superb gem, intact, SOLD

Cyprus, Red Polished Gourd Juglet, c. 2200 1750 B.C.

|Pottery| |Antiquities|, |Cyprus,| |Red| |Polished| |Gourd| |Juglet,| |c.| |2200| || |1750| |B.C.|
Red Polished Ware is a type of pottery from the Cypriot Bronze Age (2400 - 1600 B.C.), described as monochrome vessels with smooth surfaces, slipped in red or red-brown slips and burnished to a medium or high luster. Red Polished Ware includes a diverse range of vessel forms, including elaborate ritual vessels and zoomorphic shapes. Common decorations include incised motifs, relief decorations or mottled surfaces. Black rims and interiors to vessels were often created by use of specific and well-controlled firing techniques.
AA43808. cf. CVA Online Austria IV p. 23, taf. 12, pl. 162, 2 (V 1089) (different patterns), Choice, small chip at rim repaired with tiny fragment missing, a few surface chips to body, wear to polish with small areas missing, c. 2200 1750 B.C.; buff clay, red slip burnished to luster, flared shallow funnel mouth, narrow tubular neck, handle from rim to shoulder with round cross section, piriform-spherical body with round bottom, neck and body decorated with white-filled incised geometric patters: horizontal bands, concentric circles, and herringbone, 13.8cm (5 3/8") tall, 9.0cm (3 1/2") diameter; SOLD

Greek Bronze (Krater) Handle, Ornamented With a Panther Head, c. 400 B.C.

|Greek| |Antiquities|, |Greek| |Bronze| |(Krater)| |Handle,| |Ornamented| |With| |a| |Panther| |Head,| |c.| |400| |B.C.|
The Panther was the companion of Bacchus. This handle was probably once attached to a krater, a punch-bowl type vessel used for diluting and serving wine. The earliest kraters were bronze and almost exclusively the volute-type. Very few bronze kraters have survived. Most often only the handles remain.
AG30977. height 8.0 cm (3"), bronze (krater?) handle with panther head emerging from acanthus; SOLD



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The list above excludes references for glass vessels and tableware. References for glass are listed on the shop's ancient glass page.

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