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Wood Antiquities
Egyptian, 26th - 30th Dynasty, Wood Seated Boatman Figure, 664 - 342 B.C.

|Wood| |Antiquities|, |Egyptian,| |26th| |-| |30th| |Dynasty,| |Wood| |Seated| |Boatman| |Figure,| |664| |-| |342| |B.C.|
Egyptian workmen wore a short whitish linen loincloth resembling a kilt, wrapped around the body and held with a belt. The length of the cloth varied, it was short during the Old Kingdom, but longer, reaching the calf, during the Middle Kingdom and afterward.
AEW34767. Wood seated boatman figure; height 14.3 cm (5 5/8"); original gesso and polychrome pigment; arms missing, chips in gesso and pigment, Choice, with stand as shown; SOLD

Egyptian, 26th - 30th Dynasty, Wood Sounding Boatman Figure, 664 - 342 B.C.

|Wood| |Antiquities|, |Egyptian,| |26th| |-| |30th| |Dynasty,| |Wood| |Sounding| |Boatman| |Figure,| |664| |-| |342| |B.C.|
Standing figures bent at the waist, such as this one, are most often found standing at the bow of a funerary model boat, sounding the water's depth with a sounding pole or weighted sounding line.
AEW34765. Wood sounding boatman figure; height 18.8 cm (7 3/8"); original gesso and polychrome pigment, average condition, back bent slightly at the waist, boatman of this type sometimes hold fishing nets over the side; arms missing, chips to side of legs, crack at shoulder, chips in gesso and pigment; with stand as shown; SOLD

Egyptian, Wooden Head Rest, 18th Dynasty, 1550 - 1292 B.C.

|Egyptian| |Antiquities|, |Egyptian,| |Wooden| |Head| |Rest,| |18th| |Dynasty,| |1550| |-| |1292| |B.C.|
Although this design may appear uncomfortable to us, the ancient Egyptians must have approved because the type was used for thousands of years from the First Dynasty (c. 3100 - 2890 B.C) through the Ptolemaic Period. It cupped the side of the face while one slept on their side. These headrests were taken to the tomb for use in the Other Life; mummies often lay within the coffin with the head resting on one.
AEA30970. Egyptian wooden head rest, cf. Petrie, Objects of Daily Use, p. 35, 33, Choice, 20.7 cm (8 1/8"), complete without repairs, cracks as expected for ancient wood objects of this size, made in three parts; SOLD


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