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Ancient Oil Lamps

The major use of the ancient lamp was illumination of homes, shops and public buildings. At Pompeii, around 500 lamps were used on one commercial street to light the shops. At religious festivals and games, an enormous number of lamps might be used and large quantities of lamps were used as votive offerings to the gods in temples. Many lamps are found in tombs where they were intended to light the way of the departed. The ancient lamp is an highly collected artifact. All but the very finest ancient lamps are priced under $300 and an attractive historical collection can be acquired for a reasonable amount of money.

Judean, "Daroma" Terracotta Lamp, 1st Century - First Half of 2nd Century A.D.

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“And you shall command the people of Israel that they bring to you pure beaten olive-oil for the light, that a lamp may be set to burn continually.” Exodus 27:20.

Adler writes, "The decorations testify that these lamps were manufactured and used by Jews." An olive spray, the source of the lamp fuel, ornaments the top of this lamp.

Adler also notes the site of the workshop or workshops for this group is uncertain but "it seems certain they were made in one location because of their common features."
AL34113. Jewish Terracotta Lamp, cf. Adler group 3.3.D.5, no. 325; Warschaw 107 -108, Superb; 9.5 cm (3 3/4"), finely made, ring handle, flat discus with olive branch ornamentation on shoulder, lily on volute nozzle; very attractive; SOLD

Early Christian, Late Roman, Antioch, Syria, Terracotta Oil Lamp, 5th Century A.D.

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AL34422. Christian oil lamp; cf. Warschaw 479 - 480, Anawati 296, Superb, 7.5 cm (3") long; buff terracotta, pointed handle, ridge around discus and nozzle forming channel, wreath design on shoulders, cross fourchée in nozzle channel; very attractive; rare; SOLD

Christian, Late Roman - Early Byzantine, Antioch, Syria, Terracotta Oil Lamp, Second Half of 4th - 5th Century A.D.

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V. Tzaferis has shown that depiction of the cross, in any form, began in the middle of the 4th century. This lamp is among the earliest examples of the cross used as a Christian symbol.

Lamps with similar ornamentation, but quite different in overall and obviously from a different workshop (Palestinian), were found in a tomb at Ein Yabrud (central West Bank, 7 km northeast of Ramallah) with a gold coin of Constantine.

AL34544. Christian oil lamp; 7.9 cm (3") long; cf. Adler 907 and Schloessinger 453 ff. (Ein Yabrud, different shape, etc. but certainly same period), Choice, buff terracotta, piriform shape, cross on nozzle with single raised band above, tongue handle, double molding around fill hole, radial design on shoulder, sharp carination with slight rim, raised base ring; rare; SOLD



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