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11/28/2023, Hellenistic - Roman Egypt, Bronze Dwarf Acrobat, c. 1st Century B.C. - 1st Century A.D.$1600.00 04/20/2023, Judaea, Terracotta Pottery Four-Horned Votive Altar, c. 1st - 2nd Century A.D.$1584.00 12/02/2022, Canaanite, Offering Vessel, Pottery Kernos with Four Pedestalled Bowls, c. 1700 - 900 B.C.$1575.00 04/20/2023, Kingdom of Judaea, First Temple Period, Pottery Wine Decanter or Beer Jug, 800 - 586 B.C.$1552.00 12/10/2022, Middle Elamite, Susa, Terracotta Fertility Goddess, c. 1500 - 1000 B.C.$1440.00 12/07/2022, Roman, Bronze Krater Handle Ornamented with Lions, c. 1st - 3rd Century A.D.$1440.00 06/07/2023, Kingdom of Israel, Northern (Wide-Mouth) Decanter, First Temple Period, c. 925 - 721 B.C.$1424.00 12/18/2022, Egyptian, Tel-el-Armarna Period, Broad Necklace Petal Bead, 1379 - 1362 B.C.$1080.00 05/07/2023, Canaanite, Tell El Yahudiyeh Ware, Piriform Juglet, c. 1750 - 1550 B.C.$960.00 04/27/2023, Roman Judaea - Syria Palestina, Galilee, Kefar Hananya Ware, Kedera Cooking Pot, 1st - Early 5th Century A.D.$904.00


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