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Old Collection Coins

Classical Numismatics was once the hobby of kings. It is actually possible today to buy ancient coins that were once in the collections of royalty, U.S. presidents, and other wealthy and famous collectors. Old collection coins are not only popular because of their provenance but also because properly stored coins will often attractively tone and become more beautiful over time.

Vitellius, 2 January - 20 December 69 A.D.

|Vitellius|, |Vitellius,| |2| |January| |-| |20| |December| |69| |A.D.||dupondius|
Exceptional high relief portrait and nice style. Some of the best Roman engravers worked at the Rome Mint from the late reign of Nero to the early reign of Vespasian. Apparently their ranks were thinned by the Civil Wars of 69 A.D., because the bronze coinage of Vespasian is, by comparison, pedestrian in style.
SH21140. Orichalcum dupondius, RIC I 171, Cohen I 14, BMCRE I 72, BnF III -, SRCV I -, VF+, weight 9.872 g, maximum diameter 26.3 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, 69 A.D.; obverse A VITELLIVS GERM IMP AVG P M TR P, laureate head right; reverse CONCORDIA AVGVSTI (to the harmony of the Emperor), Concordia seated left holding patera and cornucopia, lit altar before; ex Leo Benz collection, Lanz Auction 94, 11/22/1999 #303, est. 2000 DM; scarce; SOLD

Crusaders, Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia, Hetoum I, 1226 - 1270 A.D., Ex John Quincy Adams Collection

|John| |Q.| |Adams| |Collection|, |Crusaders,| |Armenian| |Kingdom| |of| |Cilicia,| |Hetoum| |I,| |1226| |-| |1270| |A.D.,| |Ex| |John| |Quincy| |Adams| |Collection||kardez|
Ex John Quincy Adams Collection, 6th President of the United States, and His Descendants, ex Massachusetts Historical Society Collection, ex Stack’s Sale, 5-6 March 1971.
ME47630. Copper kardez, cf. Bedoukian CCA 1393 ff., Nercessian 363 ff., aVF, weight 5.980 g, maximum diameter 28.8 mm, Sis mint, 1226 - 1270 A.D.; obverse Armenian inscription: Hetoum King of the Armenians, Hetoum seated facing on bench-like throne, fleur-de-lis tipped scepter (mace) in right, globus cruciger in left, star left; reverse Armenian inscription: Struck in the City of Sis, cross with wedges and a crescent in the angles; comes with a John Quincy Adams Collection tag from the Stacks Sale; SOLD

Byzantine Empire, Heraclius, 5 October 610 - 11 January 641 A.D.

|Heraclius|, |Byzantine| |Empire,| |Heraclius,| |5| |October| |610| |-| |11| |January| |641| |A.D.||six| |nummi|
In 618, a Persian expeditionary force under Shahrbaraz invaded Egypt and after defeating the Byzantine garrisons in the Nile Valley, occupied the province, marched across the Libyan Desert as far as Cyrene and besieged Alexandria. The defence of the city was led by Nicetas, a cousin of emperor Heraclius. Alexandria fell to the Persians in 619. Nicetas and the Chalcedonian patriarch, John V, fled to Cyprus.
BZ90140. Bronze six nummi, DOC II 198, SBCV 862, Sommer 11.98, Wroth BMC 309, Hahn MIB 210, Morrisson BnF 69, Ratto 1326, Tolstoi 118, VF, a little rough, weight 1.850 g, maximum diameter 10.9 mm, die axis 225o, Alexandria mint, 613 - 618 A.D.; obverse dd m hERACUCI (or similar, blundered), cross potent on two steps; reverse large S; ex CNG Auctions,auction 233 lot 552, ex Peter Lee Collection; SOLD


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