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Asian Gold Coins
Baktria, Diodotus I as Satrap for Antiochus II Theos, c. 255 - 250 B.C.

|Bactrian| |Kingdom|, |Baktria,| |Diodotus| |I| |as| |Satrap| |for| |Antiochus| |II| |Theos,| |c.| |255| |-| |250| |B.C.||stater|
Diodotus I was the Seleukid governor of Baktro-Sogdiana early in Antiochos II's reign. His first coinage was issued with the Seleukid monarch's portrait. He then issued coins, like this one, with his own portrait, yet retaining the name of Antiochos as king. Diodotus' territory was so remote that he was king in all but title. About 250 B.C., he took the title too and issued coins as king in his own name (BAΣIΛΕΩΣ ΔIOΔOTOY).

Recent scholarship shows that Ai Khanoum (Greek name uncertain) was the principal mint of the region, located on the frontier between Afghanistan and the former Soviet Union.
SH33186. Gold stater, Houghton-Lorber I 630, Newell ESM 723, SGCV II 7497, gVF, obverse test cut, weight 8.310 g, maximum diameter 19.0 mm, die axis 180o, Ai Khanoum mint, obverse diademed head of middle-aged Diodotus I right; reverse BAΣIΛEΩΣ ANTIOXOY, Zeus striding left, naked, aegis over extended left arm, hurling fulmen with raised right, wreath over eagle inner left; rare; SOLD

Kindarite Huns, Peroz, c. 345 - 350 A.D.

|Kushan| |Empire|, |Kindarite| |Huns,| |Peroz,| |c.| |345| |-| |350| |A.D.||stater|
The Kindarite coins betray little of their Hun origins as the designs were copied from coins issued by the Kushan and Kushano-Sasanian kings, whom they succeeded. In Bactria, the coins of were struck in the name of the last Kushano-Sasanian king, Varahran Kushanshah, whom they may have retained as a puppet ruler, but the real power is identified by a Kindarite tamga.
SH48317. Gold stater, ANS Kushan 2420, Mitchiner ACW 3592, GŲbl Kushan 608, aEF, weight 7.796 g, maximum diameter 21.8 mm, die axis 0o, Gandhara mint, c. 345 - 350 A.D.; obverse Kushan style king standing facing, head left, nimbate, diademed, wearing pointed cap, sacrificing at altar from right hand, staff in left hand, trident above left; Brahmi inscriptions: Kapana next to altar, Peroyasa under left arm, Gadahara right; reverse goddess Ardochsho (Lakshmi) enthroned facing, nimbate, crescent on top of head, diadem with ladder-like ribbons in right hand, cornucopia in left hand, tamga upper left, Brahmi monogram sha right; SOLD

Kadam, India, Yadavas of Devagiri, Ramachandra, c. 1270 - 1311

|Afghanistan| |to| |India|, |Kadam,| |India,| |Yadavas| |of| |Devagiri,| |Ramachandra,| |c.| |1270| |-| |1311||padmatanka|
SH48285. Gold padmatanka, Friedberg 390, VF, weight 3.768 g, maximum diameter 15.7 mm, obverse lotus punch in center, conch punch above, sri to left and right, Sri Rama punch below; reverse blank; SOLD

India, Kalachuris of Tripuri, Gangeyadeva and Later, c. 1015 - 1211 A.D.

|India|, |India,| |Kalachuris| |of| |Tripuri,| |Gangeyadeva| |and| |Later,| |c.| |1015| |-| |1211| |A.D.||dinar|
SH15702. Gold dinar, cf. Deyell 122, Mitchiner NI 415-416, VF, weight 4.000 g, maximum diameter 20.5 mm, die axis 180o, obverse goddess Lakshmi seated facing; reverse Devanagari legend; light encrustation on obverse; SOLD

India, Gahadavalas of Kanauj, Govindachandra, c. 1114 - 1154 A.D.

|India|, |India,| |Gahadavalas| |of| |Kanauj,| |Govindachandra,| |c.| |1114| |-| |1154| |A.D.||dinar|
SH15701. Gold dinar, Deyell 147, Mitchiner NI 490-496, gVF, weight 4.114 g, maximum diameter 21.1 mm, die axis 90o, obverse goddess Lakshmi seated facing; reverse Devanagari legend; SOLD

Dynasties of Southern and South West Decan, Western Gangas, c. 1080 - 1138 A.D.

|Afghanistan| |to| |India|, |Dynasties| |of| |Southern| |and| |South| |West| |Decan,| |Western| |Gangas,| |c.| |1080| |-| |1138| |A.D.||pagoda|
SH09061. Gold pagoda, Mitchiner 702, Friedberg 288, EF, weight 3.85 g, maximum diameter 12.85 mm, obverse elephant standing right; reverse ornamented floral scroll; SOLD


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