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Other Animals on Ancient Coins

Our animals theme also includes the many mythological creatures depicted by ancient people.

Urso (Osuna), Hispania Ulterior, 150 - 100 B.C.

|Hispania|, |Urso| |(Osuna),| |Hispania| |Ulterior,| |150| |-| |100| |B.C.||AE| |27|
Urso is today Osuna near Seville in southern Spain. The battle of Munda, the last battle won by Julius Caesar in person, was probably fought outside of Osuna.
GB53986. Bronze AE 27, SNG BM 1527 - 1528, aVF, weight 12.438 g, maximum diameter 26.8 mm, die axis 180o, Urso mint, 150 - 100 B.C.; obverse VRSO, helmeted male head right; reverse MARC Q, bear squatting right; excellent for the type; very rare; SOLD

Domitian, 13 September 81 - 18 September 96 A.D.

|Domitian|, |Domitian,| |13| |September| |81| |-| |18| |September| |96| |A.D.||quadrans|
RB58894. Bronze quadrans, RIC II-1 248; BMCRE II 496; BnF 536, F, reverse pitted, weight 2.453 g, maximum diameter 16.0 mm, die axis 0o, Rome mint, obverse rhinoceros walking right; reverse IMP DOMIT AVG GERM, S C (senatus consulto) in center; SOLD

Celtic, Remi Tribe, Gaul, Area of Modern Reims, France, c. 100 - 50 B.C.

|Celtic| |&| |Tribal|, |Celtic,| |Remi| |Tribe,| |Gaul,| |Area| |of| |Modern| |Reims,| |France,| |c.| |100| |-| |50| |B.C.||Cast| |potin|
Potin has no intrinsic value, so the caste potin coinage of the Gaulish Celts was fiat money (like the dollar bill, it has no value except that it is accepted in trade). There were no weight standards. Each type was accepted only by the tribe that issued it.
CE01629. Cast potin, De La Tour 8124, SGCV I 136,, VF, weight 7.4 g, maximum diameter 22.3 mm, die axis 180o, obverse warrior king walking right holding torc and spear, reverse bear right attacking a snake, snake above
; scarce; SOLD


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