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The Henrik Agndal Collection of Countermarked Roman Coins

Henrik Agndal's collection of countermarked Roman Coins is remarkable not just for it large number of countermark types but also for the quality of the coins. Most countermarked coins are quite worn. Indeed some of these coins are worn and valued almost entirely for their countermarks. Many of the coins are, however, desirable not just for the countermark but also because they are superb attractive coins. While many of these coins may go to countermark specialist collectors, we suspect many will also go to collectors who have more interest in the coin. Perhaps this fascinating collection will provide inspiration for you to enter a new interesting specialty - countermarked Roman coins!

Prusias(?), Bithynia, Reign of Domitian, 81 - 96 A.D.

|H.| |Agndal| |Countermarks|, |Prusias(?),| |Bithynia,| |Reign| |of| |Domitian,| |81| |-| |96| |A.D.||AE| |26|
Obverse countermarked with:

1. head of empress, in oval punch, 7 x 8 mm, Howgego 217 (1 pcs);

2. AV K TP, in rectangular punch, 6 x 4 mm, Howgego 608 (8 pcs).

Reverse countermarked with:

3. ΠPY in square punch, 7 mm, Howgego 630 (3 pcs).

All coins noted by Howgego with these countermarks are from Domitian and are attributed to Prusias or Bithynia.

Since all coins countermarked with (1) are countermarked also with (2) and (3), while all coins countermarked with (2) are also countermarked with (3), the order of application (3)-(2)-(1) may be implied (also consistent with (1) being a portrait of Faustina Jr. and (2) referring to Trajan).
CM23245. Bronze AE 26, weight 8.179 g, maximum diameter 26.9 mm, Prusias? mint, obverse laureate head right; reverse worn smooth; SOLD

Uncertain mint, c. 2nd - 3rd Century A.D., unpublished countermarks

|H.| |Agndal| |Countermarks|, |Uncertain| |mint,| |c.| |2nd| |-| |3rd| |Century| |A.D.,| |unpublished| |countermarks||AE| |25|
Countermarked with helmeted head of Athena right and monogram, both in round punches and unlisted by Howgego.
RP23036. Bronze AE 25, weight 12.531 g, maximum diameter 25.8 mm, uncertain mint, obverse worn smooth; reverse worn smooth; rare; SOLD

Lucius Verus, 7 March 161 - February 169 A.D., Abila, Decapolis

|Lucius| |Verus|, |Lucius| |Verus,| |7| |March| |161| |-| |February| |169| |A.D.,| |Abila,| |Decapolis||AE| |25|
Obverse countermarked with bearded bust of Herakles right, in oval punch, 6.5 x 8 mm, Howgego 16 (7 pcs).

Exceptional specimen for this issue and exceptional countermark.
RY23137. Bronze AE 25, Spijkerman 11, SNG ANS 1122, Choice aVF, weight 10.768 g, maximum diameter 25.2 mm, die axis 0o, Abila mint, 166 - 167 A.D.; obverse AYT KAICAP Λ AYPOYHPOC, laureate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, seen from behind; reverse CEABIΛHNW-NIAAΓKOICY, ΛC in ex, nude Herakles seated left on rock, holding club; attractive desert patina; rare; SOLD


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