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Flavius Nepotianus, 10 May to 7 June 351 A.D.

Nepotianus was the son of Eutropia, a stepsister of Constantine the Great. In 350 A.D. he proclaimed himself emperor, usurping the usurper Magnentius. He took control of Rome at the head of a band of gladiators. He was probably prompted by some of the senators of Rome. During his short reign he struck coins for Constantius II as well as in his own name. He was probably expecting help from the East. However, Magnentius sent General Marcellinus who easily disposed of Nepotianus after a reign of only 28 days. Nepotianus' mother and many senators were executed with him. Nepotianus' reign has traditionally been dated 3 - 30 June 350 A.D., but Curtis Clay has convincingly argued for a revision to May - June 351 A.D.

Flavius Nepotianus, 10 May - 7 June 351 A.D.

|Nepotianus|, |Flavius| |Nepotianus,| |10| |May| |-| |7| |June| |351| |A.D.||AE| |3|
On this obverse die the legend is spelled CONSTANTNS in error.
SH22812. Bronze AE 3, RIC VIII Rome 203 var. (obv legend error), VF+, weight 5.398 g, maximum diameter 24.5 mm, 5th officina, Rome mint, 10 May - 7 Jun 351 A.D.; obverse FL NEP CONST-ANTNS AVG, laurel and rosette diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse VRBS ROMA (City of Rome), Roma seated left on cuirass, holding spear and Victory on globe, RE in exergue; extremely rare; SOLD





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