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Wholesale and Collector Bulk Lots of Judean Coins

Arrangement of the coins for the photographs is random - we do not pick the best coins and put them on top. Unless otherwise noted, the coins offered are the actual coins in the photograph, coins are unattributed and no additional information about the coins is available. Bulk lots are offered with only a small mark-up over our cost and many are lots we have purchases for our retail store. When we have time, we withdraw an unsold bulk lot, photograph the coins, and add them to the store individually at retail. LARGE LOTS ARE AS IS, NO RETURN.

Judean Kingdom, Lot of 6 Hasmonean Dynasty (Maccabees) Prutot, c. 135 - 31 B.C.

|Holyland| |Bulk| |Lots|, |Judean| |Kingdom,| |Lot| |of| |6| |Hasmonean| |Dynasty| |(Maccabees)| |Prutot,| |c.| |135| |-| |31| |B.C.||Lot|
Hanukkah is coming soon! Use NumisWiki and our shop catalog to specifically identify the coins and learn the history of these Maccabee kings. This lot includes the following Hasmonean prutot (singular: prutah):
John Hyrcanus I (Yehohanan), Hendin 1134, rare.
Alexander Jannaeus (Yonatan) (2), Hendin 1148 & 1150.
Hyrcanus II (2), Hendin 1159 & 1160.
Mattathias Antigonus (Mattatayah), Hendin 1164, scarce.
JD97663. Bronze Lot, 6 Judaean Kingdom prutot, 10mm - 15mm, mostly F, Jerusalem mint, c. 135 - 31 B.C.; the actual coins in the photograph, no flips or tags; $190.00 SALE PRICE $171.00

Bargain Lot of 33 Herodian Dynasty Bronze Coins, c. 37 B.C. - 44 A.D.

|Multiple| |Coin| |Lots|, |Bargain| |Lot| |of| |33| |Herodian| |Dynasty| |Bronze| |Coins,| |c.| |37| |B.C.| |-| |44| |A.D.|||
Lot includes Herod's "graven image" eagle lepton!
LT43816. 33 Herodian Dynasty bronze prutot and lepta; some worn and/or a bit off center, Herod the Great and his descendants; bargan priced at $10.60 each; actual coins in the photograph, as is, no returns; SOLD

Maccabees Lot, 8 Bronze Prutot, Judaean Kingdom, Hasmonean Dynasty, c. 104 - 37 B.C.

|Judaea| |&| |Palestine|, |Maccabees| |Lot,| |8| |Bronze| |Prutot,| |Judaean| |Kingdom,| |Hasmonean| |Dynasty,| |c.| |104| |-| |37| |B.C.|
Use our website catalog and discussion forum to specifically identify the coins and read historical information and Biblical references. Click here for a discussion on how to read the paleo-Hebrew inscriptions and identify the Judaean king and date.
LT96414. 8 prutot, inscription in wreath obverse and double cornucopia reverse, unattributed, no tags or flips, the actual coins in the photograph, as is, no returns, click the photo to see the reverses, 8 prutot; SOLD


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