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Uncleaned Ancient Roman Coins

Uncleaned ancient Roman coins.


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Romano-British Empire, Carausius, Mid 286 - Spring or Early Summer 293 A.D.

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This coin is dedicated to the goddess Fides for her good quality of preserving the public peace by keeping the army true to its allegiance.
RA73488. Billon antoninianus, RIC V-2 783 (S), Webb Carausius 877, Cohen VII 75, King Unmarked 26 var. (...P AVG), Hunter IV 63 var. (...PF AV), SRCV IV -, aVF, well centered, green patina, earthen encrustation, a few scratches, weight 4.014 g, maximum diameter 25.0 mm, die axis 180o, unmarked mint, c. mid 286 - 287 A.D.; obverse IMP CARAVSIVS P F AV, radiate, draped, and cuirassed bust right, early reign moustache portrait type; reverse FIDES MILITVM (the loyalty of the soldiers), Fides standing half left, standard in each hand, no mintmark; from the Charles Peters Carausius Collection; scarce; $70.00 (59.50)

20 Uncleaned Ancient Coins

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UN87165. Bronze uncleaned coin lot, 20 uncleaned ancient coins, mostly low grade, will likely include slugs, holed coins, and bent coins, quality is unknown but probably typical uncleaned quality, probably all Roman, perhaps some Greek or other types, maybe some modern coins (but not if we notice), coins are from the same lot as the coins in the photograph; 20 coins; $32.00 (27.20)

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SURENW. Renaissance Wax, 1/2 oz, safe for coins, produce a barrier that excludes moisture and oxygen from the metal surface, apply a very small amount thinly over the surface, then lightly buff with a smooth lint-free cloth to give a sheen; this small container is enough for dozens of coins; $9.00 (7.65)

Nic-A-Brush, 2 pack

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SUS681. Nic-A-Brush, 2 pack, soft brass coin cleaning brushes, specifically designed for cleaning coins; $5.95 (5.06)

Stainless Steel Dental Pick

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SUS167. Stainless Steel Dental Pick, a very useful tool for removing hard encrustations, type may vary from the photo; $3.50 (2.98)

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SUPB. Stainless Steel Dental Pick and Nic-A-Brush, one of each, useful for cleaning coins, types may vary from the photo; $6.85 (5.82)


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Roman Uncleaned