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The Varangian Military Collection of Roman Coins

This collection was assembled by a modern-day soldier who specialized in collecting Roman coins with military related reverses. Soldiers, Mars and Victory predominate. Obviously he aquired with high standards. Many of the coins are choice examples, in high grade and with attractive patina's and many of the coins are very rare. We hope you enjoy this fine specialty collection.

Honorius, 23 January 393 - 15 August 423 A.D.

|Honorius|, |Honorius,| |23| |January| |393| |-| |15| |August| |423| |A.D.||solidus|
In 422, Roman army invaded Gaul, they captured and executed the Frankish king Theudemeres with his family.
SH12495. Gold solidus, RIC X Honorius 1319; Depeyrot p. 188, 7/1; DOCLR 736; SRCV V 20920; Cohen VIII 44, VF, weight 4.115 g, maximum diameter 20.1 mm, die axis 180o, Ravenna mint, 408 - 15 Aug 423 A.D.; obverse D N HONORIVS P F AVG, pearl-diademed, draped, and cuirassed bust right; reverse VICTORIA AVGGG (victory of the three emperors), Honorius standing right, leaning backward, diademed and wearing military garb, standard in right hand, Victory on globe offering wreath in left hand, treading with left foot on captive laying on his back; R-V across fields, COMOB in exergue; scarce; SOLD

Marcus Aurelius, 7 March 161 - 17 March 180 A.D.

|Marcus| |Aurelius|, |Marcus| |Aurelius,| |7| |March| |161| |-| |17| |March| |180| |A.D.||sestertius|
On June 11, 173, during the Marcomannic Wars (166-180), the Roman army in Moravia was outnumbered and surrounded by the Quadi, suffering from the extreme heat, out of water, and on the verge of defeat. Dio writes, "many clouds gathered and a mighty rain, not without divine interposition, burst upon them...when the rain poured down, at first all turned their faces upwards and received the water in their mouths; then some held out their shields and some their helmets to catch it, and they not only took deep draughts themselves but also gave their horses to drink...while those on the one side were being drenched and drinking, the others [Quadi] were being consumed by fire [lightning] and dying." The Romans were soon victorious. Marcus was saluted imperator for the seventh time and the "miracle of the rain" was memorialized on Marcus Aurelius' column. In 174, Marcus Aurelius officially conferred the title Fulminata (Thundering) to the Legio XII Fulminata.Miracle_in_the_Rain
RB12501. Orichalcum sestertius, RIC III 1090 (S); BMCRE IV p. 630, 8; Cohen III 995; SRCV II 5015, Hunter II 197, F, weight 24.874 g, maximum diameter 30.5 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, 172 - 173 A.D.; obverse M ANTONINVS - AVG TR P XXVII, laureate head right; reverse VICT / GERMA / IMP VI / COS III / S C, inscription in five lines inside a laurel wreath, tied at the bottom and closed at the top with an oval medallion; scarce; SOLD

Marcus Aurelius, 7 March 161 - 17 March 180 A.D.

|Marcus| |Aurelius|, |Marcus| |Aurelius,| |7| |March| |161| |-| |17| |March| |180| |A.D.||denarius|
This coin type notified the empire of Marcus Aurelius first victories in Germania.
RS12504. Silver denarius, RIC III 257, Van Meter 19/1, Cohen III 271, aEF, weight 3.606 g, maximum diameter 19.6 mm, die axis 180o, Rome mint, 171 - 172 A.D.; obverse M ANTONINVS AVG TR P XXVI, laureate head right; reverse IMP VI COS III, Victory standing right, naked to the waist, placing shield inscribed VIC GER on a palm tree; mint luster in recesses and light golden toning; SOLD



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