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From an Anonymous Collector in Georgia

An anonymous collector from the state of Georgia (USA) has decided it is time to sell some of his coins. Since his interest has shifted toward ancient Greek coins, he is selling some Roman and Byzantine, especially his duplicates. Most of them are of the finest quality and many have passed through the hands of some of the better ancient coin specialist dealers. We hope you enjoy browsing these coins and find some you want for your own collection.

Theodosius II, 10 January 402 - 28 July 450 A.D.

|Theodosius| |II|, |Theodosius| |II,| |10| |January| |402| |-| |28| |July| |450| |A.D.||solidus|
SH10972. Gold solidus, RIC X Theodosius II 319, EF, weight 4.441 g, maximum diameter 21.9 mm, die axis 180o, 5th officina, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, 441 - 450 A.D.; obverse D N THEODOSIVS P F AVG, helmeted pearl-diademed, cuirassed, bust facing, spear in right hand over shoulder, shield decorated with horseman riding down enemy on left arm; reverse IMP•XXXXII COS XXII•P•P E, Constantinopolis enthroned left, globus cruciger in right hand, scepter in left hand, foot on prow, left elbow on shield at side, star left, COMOB in exergue; ex Colosseum Coin Exchange; rare (R4); SOLD

Byzantine Empire, Justinian I, 4 April 527 - 14 November 565 A.D.

|Justinian| |I|, |Byzantine| |Empire,| |Justinian| |I,| |4| |April| |527| |-| |14| |November| |565| |A.D.||tremissis|
They look similar, but there is a significant physical difference between angels and Victory. Angels are all male. Victory (Nike) is female. On Byzantine coinage, the male angel replaced the female Victory after the reunion with Rome was concluded on 28 March 519 A.D.
SH11008. Gold tremissis, SBCV 145, gVF, weight 1.440 g, maximum diameter 16.83 mm, die axis 180o, Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) mint, obverse D N IVSTINI-ANVS P P AVG, pearl diademed draped and cuirassed bust right; reverse VICTORIA AVGVSTORVM (to the victory of the Emperor), Victory advancing right, head left, globus cruciger in left, wreath in right hand, star right, CONOB in exergue; partial flat strike; SOLD

Severina, Augusta Spring 274 - November 275 A.D., Wife of Aurelian

|Severina|, |Severina,| |Augusta| |Spring| |274| |-| |November| |275| |A.D.,| |Wife| |of| |Aurelian||denarius|
Denarii of this period are scarce and extremely rare in this condition.
SH11074. Billon denarius, MER-RIC 1857, RIC V-1 6, BnF XII 266 ff., Venèra 1504 - 1506, Normanby 1286, Maravielle 110, Choice EF, weight 2.568 g, maximum diameter 19.52 mm, die axis 180o, 3rd officina, Rome mint, issue 11, early 275 - Sep 275; obverse SEVERINA AVG, diademed and draped bust right; reverse VENVS FELIX (Venus who brings good fortune), Venus standing left holding uncertain object (apple?) in right hand, scepter in left hand, Γ in exergue; SOLD


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