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Other Coins, Artifact, and History Books

04/20/2018, The Early Islamic Architecture of the East African Coast, 1966,  by Peter S. Garlake$155.00 08/17/2016, Nomisma VI - X: Untersuchungen Auf Dem Gerbiete Der Antiken Munzkunde$140.00 05/17/2018, Monuments De L`Art Arabe Comptes Rendus Des Exercices 1915 - 1919, Comite De Conservation, 1922$112.00 11/08/2017, George Frederick Kolbe, Fine Numismatic Books, 4 Auction Catalogs: The Harry W. Bass Jr. Numismatic Library$90.00 05/16/2018, El Arte En Espana, Exposicion Internacional De Barcelona - 1929, Guia Del Museo Del Palacio Nacional$90.00 05/16/2018, Oriental Institute Discoveries in Iraq, 1933/34, Fourth Preliminary Report of the Iraq Expedition by Henri Frankfort$53.00 11/14/2017, Athens Byzantine Museum Apollo Editions$45.00 08/23/2010, New Evidence for Sasanian Numismatics: The Collection of Ahmad Saeedi$40.00 04/23/2018, Une Necropole Royale A Sidon by Fouilles De Hamdy Bey, O Hamdy Bey and Theodore Reinach$40.00 11/23/2018, A Pictorial History of Ancient Rome With Sketches of the History of Modern Italy, 1857, S.G. Goodrich$40.00



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