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Other Medieval and Modern Coins

Paduan Medal, Type of Vitellius, Work of Giovanni del Cavino, 1500 - 1570 A.D.

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In the 16th century A.D., Giovanni del Cavino, surnamed il paduano, made copies of ancient coins and created fantasy coins in the style of ancient coins with designs appropriate to history. His works are known today as Paduan Medals.
SH65412. Orichalcum sestertius, Klawans 1; for Roman sestertius prototype see RIC I 113, aVF, overstruck on a Roman sestertius, reverse a bit flat with pit at 8:30, weight 24.403 g, maximum diameter 36.1 mm, die axis 180o, Paduan mint, 1500 - 1570; obverse A VITELLIVS GERMANICVS IMP AVG P M TR P, laureate and draped bust right; reverse HONOS ET VIRTVS, Honos standing right, bare from the waist up, long scepter vertical behind in right hand, scepter in left hand, facing Virtus standing left, in military attire, parazonium in right, spear vertical behind in left, right foot on helmet, S C (senatus consulto) in exergue; rare original striking; SOLD

Augustus Panduan Fantasy, Later Cast of Giovanni Cavino (1500 - 1570) or His Follower

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There is no ancient Roman prototype, but the reverse is similar to the obverse of a Tiberius sestertius, RIC I 69.
WO69588. Brass sestertius, Klawans 1, Lawrence 4, VF, beautiful portrait faithful to Roman style, weight 21.944 g, maximum diameter 34.9 mm, die axis 225o, late aftercast mint, obverse DIVVS AVGVSTVS PATER, laureate head left; reverse OB / CIVES / SER in three lines within wreath supported by two capricorns on globe and rudder, S - C (senatus consulto) flanking wreath; SOLD

Pope Gregory XIII (1572 - 1585), Slaughter of the Huguenots Medal, 1572

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The St. Bartholomew's Day massacre in 1572 was a group of assassinations and a wave of Catholic mob violence, directed against the Huguenots during the French Wars of Religion. Traditionally believed to have been instigated by Queen Catherine de' Medici, the mother of King Charles IX, the massacre took place a few days after the wedding day (18 August) of the king's sister Margaret to the Protestant Henry III of Navarre (the future Henry IV of France). Many of the most wealthy and prominent Huguenots had gathered in largely Catholic Paris to attend the wedding. The massacre began in the night of 23Ė24 August 1572, two days after the attempted assassination of Admiral Gaspard de Coligny, the military and political leader of the Huguenots. The king ordered the killing of a group of Huguenot leaders, including Coligny, and the slaughter spread throughout Paris. Lasting several weeks, the massacre expanded outward to other urban centers and the countryside. Modern estimates for the number of dead across France vary widely, from 5,000 to 30,000.
WO88345. Bronze medal, CNORP V 685, Mazio 110, Whitman 14, Lincoln 697, Armand I 37; Engraver: Gianfederigo Bonzanga (known as Federigo Parmesne), EF, beautiful style, a few bumps and marks, scattered minor porosity, reverse die crack, weight 12.830 g, maximum diameter 30.4 mm, die axis 0o, restrike, 17th or 18th century; obverse ∑GREGORIVS∑XIII∑PONT∑MAX∑AN∑I, bust of pope left, wearing camauro and mozzetta, small ∑F∑P∑ below; reverse VGONOTTORVM∑STRAGES∑1572∑, Angel advancing right, holding sword in right hand, cross in left hand, entering battleground filled with death; ex Karl Stephens, Inc. (Temple City, CA dealer); rare; SOLD

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